Unfair love

Unfair love

She was kidnapped

He got the call from the Kidnappers

"We have your wife" the voice said

Involve the police, she dies

He remained calm

He works in a sensitive industry

Kidnap is part of the territory

What do you want? He asked them

"Money'' replied the voice

Please don't harm her

He called their Head of Security

Police, DSS got in on it

Where was she kidnapped?

When was she kidnapped?

Were there witnesses?

Questions began to fly

She should be on the staff bus, on her way to work

But she was not

She was with a man, in an exotic car

Who was this man?

Why wasn't the man kidnapped?

Police arrested man

"I am but a poor driver" the man lamented

So what was she doing with you?

"Sir, we were lovers''

What! Lovers? What do you mean?

She doesn't know I am a driver

She assumed I own the big cars I drive

She wants me to marry her


His Head of Security told him

This was where the investigation stands

He: Please let us just get her out

'The voice called, bring the money to so and so place

Come alone'

He started sourcing for the fund

Her mother called

"What are you doing about my daughter's release?"

He: Hmmm

Her Mother:  If my daughter dies in the kidnapper's den, you will know war!

Her Brother called

'Give us updates on how you are handling this matter'

He: I am sourcing for funds, can you assist?

Her Brother: No be your work put her in danger?

Let your office assist you

He: Hmmm

The next day, the police recovered her phone

It was in the lover's car

Text, whatsapp, phone records points to another man

They got the man

He was also her lover

He: Hmmm

He got the funds

He paid

She was released

10 days of hell in the kidnapper's den

He waited, the dust settled




He was the one who came to me saying he loved me

It was his decision

It was his feeling

It was his choice

I have never loved him

I wanted to marry another, but another didn't have a job

Couldn't provide for me

I had to settle

He did the loving

I did the settling

Do you know how it feels to expose your nakedness to someone you dont love

To lie there while he takes you

Your body may respond for a minute

But your heart is forever roaming, wandering through the wilderness

Seeking for still waters

Panting, searching, waiting

Crying for love..

He was a good man

I tried to love him

I tried hard

I just couldn't

He sent me to the UK

I took a lover

I went for my Masters in this country

I took another lover

It seemed my heart will take anybody but him

I don't know why

I can't explain it

Love is funny that way, cant help it

Should I have lied to myself

Pretend I love him when i don't?

He chose to remain faithful

He chose to love me

If that makes him happy

But doesn't make me happy

Why should I pretend it does?

I am a human being, I am a woman

I have the right to my own feelings

My own choices!

He: I want a divorce

She: It will cost you

He: I will like DNA tests done on our children

She: Over my dead body

The next  day, she took the children and disappeared

He searched everywhere

Family got involved

Blame game

Six months later she sent DNA reports

The children are his

Then she sued

She wants full custody, financial support and monthly alimony payment

The judge compelled him to pay

He did

He counter sued

Legal bullets flew everywhere

He comes to Pastor, what do I do?

I hate her, she used me, she betrayed me, I am hurting

Pastor says FORGIVE!!!

So I should continue to support her financially when she can get a job a cater for herself?

I should continue to support her lifestyle instead of moving on?

Pastor: No, forgive her and take care of your children. Justice is reasonable, you won't lose out here

Justice was reasonable

She was given custody of the children because of the nature of his job

A certain amount was set as her stipend until she gets a job

Three years later he met another woman

This time he was really loved

They are happily married


Love sometimes isn't fair