A New Dawn

A New Dawn

Don’t walk into the New Era with your heads bowed and your heart cringing

Please chin up

It doesn’t matter what you felt ought to be

It matters what you choose to do with what is

Your reality is not dictated by who is in power (if you are a believer)

Our life and times are written to perfection in the divine plan of God

It is easy to get despondent and cry foul or to say we do not want the hand we were dealt

That is the coward’s comfort

The valiant however understands that he or she cannot be held to ransom due to extenuating circumstances

Come what may!

Daniel did not triumph because he was looking for a leader that fit the bill

He triumphed because he understood that men are mere tools in the hand of God

He knew if he stood with God, the will of man will bend to divine leading

Daniel knew what many of us didn’t know about God

He knew the divine controls the mundane and the will of God cannot be sabotaged by any man regardless of his religion or his mindset

We all exist to do the will of God

So, don’t sit in a corner crying about the process

A man must rule

And you must fulfill purpose regardless

Enter this season boldly, dear believer, walk with the God of the whole earth and flourish

I ask this of you that you may not see the next four or 8 years (if you are a Nigerian) as a failure in your spirit

What you see is what you become

Seasons will come and go

The will of God

Will be done regardless

No king was able to truncate the plan of salvation, even though they tried

If God is determined to prosper me, I will be the one in error if I don’t enjoy the benefits being provided by faith

I will prosper as I have always been, for Christ is my light!

He who looks at the weather will never sow and without sowing there will be no harvest

Trust the Lord with all your heart

Set your eyes on things above

Do not be moved by the wind and the waves

Be calm in the face of the storm

You are bursting forth into a wealthy place

This is Your season!

The next few months will yield for you harvests beyond your imagination

You will acknowledge the good works of God and thrive in it

You will lead men and women into fertile investments and eat the good of the land

Existing policies will Favour you and new policies will be written to serve your cause

You have come into the light with glory and virtue

Don’t dim this light by becoming despondent

Make your declarations and watch the land yield unto you in many folds by the leading of the Spirit

It has never been about any man, it has always been about the Man who yields to the leading of the Spirit

Chin up!

This new dispensation will Favour you in ways you didn’t imagine

You will plant and harvest in a million fold


Build houses

Start businesses

Leave the ethnic slant be

Let today work for you and to your advantage

Do not say, “Only if my choice is there will I thrive”

Your choice may not live up to the hype

You never can tell what will be but you can make do with what is!

Remember this instruction and adhere to it

While others are counting blessings in a few months don’t be one of those recounting woes

Refuse to be a victim of unproductive thoughts and imaginations


Choose to thrive!

No man has been given the power to wreck or build your life like you

So choose to build

Choose to thrive

Choose to live

At the end of the journey, our choices will make or mar us

Choose deliberately

Choose to navigate the future smartly

Pray for Nigeria daily and prosper

Pray for the leadership because the scriptures say so

Don’t be petty

Do not expect doom and gloom

The path of the just can only shine

Walk in the light!

I love you