Bundles of Joy

Bundles of Joy

She wanted a baby

She felt unfulfilled without one

How can she pretend to be happy?

When there was such a glaring gaping void in her life

It is not about family pressure or marital pressure

It is about her

Dogs have litters

Chickens have their chicks

How can God be this unfair?

Some people were having abortions like it is going out of fashion

She had never even been pregnant

Some were giving birth twice in three years

She was lady piety

Married as a virgin

Carrying the babies of girls sleeping around since they were teenagers

Pretending God is fair


Her husband used to be nonchalant about it

She suspected he must be the problem

Accused him of marrying her under false pretense

She dragged him to the hospital

He was fine

She was fine

Gynecologists said she was in perfect condition

One year became 10 years

!0 years of barreness

She thinks about the sigh talks?

Walking on eggs around other people's children

Topics women talk about but shush when she is around

The unruly subordinates insulting her stylishly

The sight of her period unlocks depression

Every month without fail

Why can't she have a baby?

Her husband deserves a child

Other men would simply surprise her

Bring home a pregnant woman

Or another woman with a baby

or impregnate another in obscurity

Just to prove a point

She kept him in church for this

He has to her the WORD

He has to tow the line

Be a good example

She hated herself for it

It was sheer manipulation

He was not stupid, he just loves her

But she knows for a fact

Love is not enough

A man can love you and gladly sleep with several others

He can even love many women at once

If only she gave him a child

A joy,

God please be fair

As they celebrated their 10 years wedding anniversary

She told him she would like to relocate

She was depressed

Her pain had synced with her environment

Nothing brought her joy

Even her husband was getting testy with her ominous utterances

She was sad

He agreed

They relocated

They got to Atlanta

Settled down

Her mood lifted

She met new people

The burden lightened

She had been to Atlanta seven times


The treatment had failed everytime

She went to the coffee shop, met some belivers

Liked their approach

Dragged her husband to their church

He liked the church

That evening

The pastor and his team came

To do follow-up

Pastor closed his eyes to pray

His team members started speaking in tongues

It was strange to her

They dont believe in such gibberish

Her husband could barely conceal a smile

She felt very unsettled

The atmosphere changed

Something was smelling like sulfur

Something was burning

There was a strange noise in her ears

She blocked her ears with her hands

She started swaying, back and forth

She became violent

Her stomach caught fire

She started jerking

She needed to run


Her husband couldn't believe his eyes

His wife was behaving like a mad person

She twisting, turning, contorting violently

The Pastor was also looking at her

The entire team were praying in the spirit with their eyes open

Why aren't they helping her to stop?

What was going on?

Pastor: I know you can hear me, where is the pain?

She heard him: My stomach is on fire (She screamed)

Pastor: If the Son shall set you free, you shall be free indeed. You demon of barrenness in Jesus name, leave this daughter of Zion alone

She fell to her knees and fainted

She felt relieved

The fire was quenched

She laid on the floor, flooded with joy

A heavy weight was lifted off her

Minutes later, she rose to her feet

The pastor spoke with them afterwards

Explained to them they need the Holy Ghost

They agreed

He prayed with them

They were filled

That night she had a dream

She was taking a swim in the river of life

The music she heard was eternal

As she came out of the river

She was handed a new robe

A robe of light

That month, she became pregnant

She delivered a set of triplets nine months later

Her shame was taken away

PS: The triplets were celebrated all over Lagos

A Former Governor of Lagos State invited them to the State house and threw a party for them

I wrote this testimony prayerfully for every woman waiting on the Lord for a child, YOUR WOMB receives Life this very minute in Jesus name