Unfair Advantage

Unfair Advantage

Novels brought them together.

She read voraciously.

So did he.

She went to see a friend one day, borrowed three novels,

And as usual, started reading one in the bus on her way back.

He got in the bus, sat right next to her.

He watched with envy as she locked out the world.

Lost in the book.

Lost in his passion.

He nudged her,

He: What is the title?

She told him.

He brought out a book from his bag.

He: I just finished this novel, it is sure interesting!

She looked at the book. Whoa! She had longed to read the book for years but none of her friends had it, and she couldn't afford to buy it.

She: I will like to read it.

He: I will like to read yours.

She: I just borrowed this one.

He: Can we exchange?

He alighted at her stop, got to know her house.

The novel exchange started.

Soon they sat and discussed the stories.

What was in the writers mind?

She was deep.

He was sound.

Sometimes she would deliberately study some salient points and research topics from the book, just to buttress her view.

He did the same.

They were a perfect match.

But she had a man.

A bit older than him.

A business man.

He had been her man for three years.

Sponsored her education.

He asked her out.

She told him about her man, what he had done. He respected that

Her Man came around, saw him. He told her upfront that he didn't want her reading, talking or associating with him.

She agreed.

He stopped coming.

She missed him.

She told herself, he had done nothing wrong.

Why the embargo?

She started going to see him.

They would read and talk about books, nothing more.

Her man found out.


He reported her to her parents.

Called her names.

She had done nothing wrong, only read books with a friend.

But her man would have none of it.

"Pick either him or me" He walked away.

Her mother counselled her.

Her father spoke with her.

Indeed she had done nothing wrong,

but appearance and perception was everything.

She had to give up her reading friend.

She was hurt.

She sneaked to her reading friend's house.

She: No reading today, just hold me. Please.

He did.

It rained hard.

Her parents invited her man.

She has given up the books, and him.

Arrange to marry her now.

She is ready to be yours.

He thought it through, "I will be ready in three months, I will do the needful"

He traveled.

She kept sneaking into the heavy rain, over and over.

She was in love.

Her man came back.

She greeted him.

She greeted her parents.

She told them. "I had been sneaking into the rain over and over and now I am pregnant"

I want to marry my soul mate.

He is willing to repay all the money my man spent on my education plus interest"

Her man stormed out.

Two months later, she married her Soul mate.

Her parents had to swallow it.

It was her decision.

Her life

Both of them were good men but with him there is a music in her soul,

 and the rain was always heavy.


The end