Experiencing and Expressing Zoe

Experiencing and Expressing Zoe

I never saw the Holy Communion as anything important in my younger days as a Christian.

I remember being told that it was a meal for those without sin and that if anybody does anything wrong and then eats it, the person could fall down and die.

I was told it was a meal for the initiates, a meal only those baptized by immersion could partake of…

I was told it was a meal that could only be eaten by adults who have attained the age of discernment.

It was a meal with more rules than those brought by Moses to the children of Israel.

Many eat it just to prove to those around them that they are living a virtuous Christian life, for such people it is a meal of self-righteousness.

They even boast with it and say, “I still took the Holy Communion in Church yesterday and you say I am not a good wife, you are the useless husband…etcetera.”

When I was working as a Personal Assistant, I worked with several pastors and noticed that almost all of them dodged the bread and the wine at Holy Communion services

In fact, the ministers’ area of the auditorium was usually littered with communion emblems which were served to the ministers by the deacons but which the ministers stylishly dumped on the floor or beside their seats

They didn’t feel they were worthy to take the meal and according to Apostle Paul those who take the meal unworthily can sleep in the Lord prematurely or fall sick.

Because I was a PA to some of them, I understood why they felt they should show up for the service but not partake in the meal.The Holy Communion Is the body of Christ, we are members of His body, His flesh and His bones.

It is a meal that binds us together with Him in the dimensions of Faith, Love, Knowledge, Power, Grace, Wonders, Light, and Life.

Those who are afraid of the meal simply expose their lack of understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power therein.

Those who serve the meal simply as a religious rite usually end up without any supernatural result.

The Holy Communion is a supernatural meal, served in the presence of God to His church by the Holy Ones for them to partake of His divinity and nature in the higher dimensions of reality.

I have served the meal several times to the barren and they conceived (Both privately in the presence of two or three witnesses in their own homes or in the gathering of the saints). 

I have served the meal to the dying and the hold of death on such was loosened instantly, I have served the meal to the infirm and they recovered instantly.

I have served the meal to children with all sorts of defects and their situation was turned around by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord taught me about the power of the communion in 2015, He said to me, “See not as men see. In My LIGHT, see light and gain understanding.”

Then I saw the Lord distributing a meal to the disciples and the disciples distributing the bread and fish to the crowd and the weary faces of the crowd shinning as soon as they partook of the meal.

The Lord said, "I am the Bread of life, I am the living water, those who eat of me and drink of me shall never be victims of the darkness. They ate because they believe in me and those who believe in me shall never be put to shame. I am their light!”

I will be joining the Easter Sunday service of Pneuma Assembly on Sunday the 9th of April.

The Lord has asked that I serve communion to His church.

In the next few days, I will share testimonies on my timeline with evidence of the power of the communion when served as a communion of the Spirit and not just a ritual meal as served by many churches.

The Spirit of the “Table of the Lord” is the most important element of the meal and we must be careful to cultivate this atmosphere of love and the supernatural when we share the Holy Communion.

I am inviting you to this service, specially. 

You can come and partake of the communion service and also observe with the intent to learn and adopt the ways of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of replication in your family altar and fellowship.

Bring the sick and the Hopeless too.