Captive Husband

Captive Husband

They met in Spain

He was a student

She was the daughter of a diplomat

They were the only Nigerians in their school

Naturally they flocked together

He came from a very respectable background

 Her parent approved

 His parent approved

He graduated

 Her father insists he must do NYSC

His parents didn't care either way

 He was already being offered jobs

But her father wouldn't hear it

What if he were to be offered a federal appointment one day

Imagine having the opportunity to serve your country

And being disqualified over a technicality like NYSC

He agreed


The day he left for Nigeria was a sad one for her

He had been her only friend for three years

She wanted to defer her admission for a year

 Follow him to Nigeria

Her Father said No!

She wanted him to get an exemption

Her Father wouldn't hear it

She waved and cried as he left


He found Nigeria very warm

Needed help with adjusting

He was posted to a nice place

Courtesy of her father

A lady paid him some attention

They had lunch together

She invited him to parties, clubs etc

 She kept him company

He told her about his babe

She told him about her man

Six months into service

They went on excursion

 About forty of them First to Badagry, then to Ikogosi 

It was great fun

She told him about Obudu cattle ranch

And Yankari games reserve

She promised to pay for the trip

If he would visit her village with her He agreed

They finished service She took him to her village

They spent a few days

He was interested in their culture

Then she took him to a river

A shaman was there

 The Shaman was her uncle

He welcomed them Offered him water

He was told to drink half of the calabash She drank the rest


They left the village Went to Yankari, had a swell time Went to Obudu,

She was his tour guide

Helped him communicate and relate properly

They had a good bond

Their last night at Obudu

She came into his room

 She was direct

She: I want a gift from you before we leave tomorrow

He: I will do anything

She looked into his eyes

 Portiphar's wife pulled Joseph closer

Joseph resisted with a kiss

It was a great night It was so great,

one night became a week

She didn't ask him for anything

 It was all a harmless fun

He eventually left

Spain and love welcomed him

Then came the dreams

One or twice a week

He would see himself at her village

Besides that river Making love to her

He never told a soul

What was he to say?

That his dreams were so excellently satisfying?

Two years later He married his sweetheart

 It was the happiest day of his life

Apart from the wedding night

She never enjoyed his bed

He was always tired, weak or irritable

She didn't understand it

This is the love of her life

They were both in their twenties

The season to smash and grab with joy

What happened to him?

At first they fought

Then she cried

He was a good man

He loved her to death

She knows this

He is virile and healthy

She is equally appealing and healthy


They tried drugs

Saw a psychologist

Met with counselors

Nothing worked

He simply doesn't enjoy having sex with her

Or he didn't want to have sex with her

Two years of misery

 She decided it was a mistake

She filed for divorce

 He ran to her pastor

Sir, she is asking for a divorce

Pastor listened to him

He told pastor about the nocturnal visits he had twice a week

And how spent he always was after

Pastor was shocked

What to do?

A Nigerian minister will be ministering in Atlanta, USA

Pastor was planning to attend

Would they mind coming along

She agreed

Maybe there is a spiritual solution

They went to Atlanta

The meeting was great

The Nigerian Minister met with them

Laid hands on him The heat was searing

He started vomiting

All sorts of substances

 He started manifesting

Dancing to the drums of ancient deities

Her pastor was shocked

She was shocked

The demon was cast out

He became born again

Got filled with the Holy Ghost

They returned to spain

He grabbed his wife

Oh My GOD!

Their marriage is five years old now

They have two children

They were told he had married the lady he followed to the village

She was his legal spirit wife

Nobody else could have married him and be happy

Jesus came on the scene

The captive of the mighty was set free