Christ for You

Christ for You

Envious older folks
Basking in the chains of the law
Outraged citizens 
Scared friends
Sentenced to death 
Evidence of betrayal

A spear-pierced chest
A gusher of blood and water 
Overflowing ceaselessly 
Life snuffed out
Evidence of death 

Embalmed body
So hard as a stone
Stored within the rock
Chaos and laughter intertwined
Station fully guarded
Evidence of temporary prevalence.

Sun and moon completed their daily cycles
Night and day went by
Friends still in agony and scared
Mother distraught
The third day, the main day
Evidence of time passage

Light shone from above
Effulgence of his glory
Human hearts dead as stone
Entrance shred into pieces 
Evidence of power and immortality 

First ascension to the Father 
To offer himself quickly 
A sacrifice unblemished 
Eternally accepted 
Evidence of priesthood

The unseen now seen
The dead now lives
Blood absent in the body
Life not sustained by blood
Not anymore
Now sustained by the Spirit
Evidence of glory

Laughter in the hearts of friends 
Mother swaying in joy
Dining with friends
Unbelief sneaked out
Love prevailed
Evidence of understanding 

Second ascension to the Father
The sons stood still
The King is coming
Up to the right-hand side
Evidence of authority and power

The will laid bare
A will now in motion
A present legal backing to enjoy the will 
Do not try to enjoy it
Do not pray for it
It's yours
Come into rest
Evidence of knowing.

Jesus loves you
A simple prayer makes you a legal child
It translates you from darkness to light 
Ask him to come to your life today
Evidence of eternal life.

Tai Falodun