Riding the Raging Storm

Riding the Raging Storm

She was a well-trained tailor

She understood her craft

Her specialty were wedding gowns

She was patronized by the high and the mighty

She also had a gift shop

Her products were top class

God blessed her

She got married to a very talented young man

He was a musician

He had made some albums

He was also an academician, lecturing with a polytechnic

God blessed him too

Their combination made them a power couple in the community

She was consulted by Fashion outfits all over the world and attends many of the Fashion seasons shows all over the world

They were blessed with two children

In spite of her level of influence in the fashion world

She kept a low profile

She was by nature a very private person

She believed their ''good season'' came undone after she had a dream

In the dream, She saw herself driving a beautiful car

A man came out of nowhere and shot a gun at the car

The car summersaulted and caught fire

She barely escaped with her life

She woke up

The next day, her shop, warehouse and showroom caught fire!

She was insured but the insurance company claimed her insurance didn’t cover the warehouse and began to footdrag on her claim

That same week her husband mysteriously fell ill

The doctors couldn’t tell what was wrong with him

They carried him everywhere!

One test revealed high blood sugar, another test revealed Meningitis

He was practically tested positive for everything and diagnosed with everything

She spent so much and yet apart from the fact that he didn’t die, there was no improvement!

By the time the doctors discharged him and recommended that they get a nurse who would care for him at home, he was already blind and confined to a wheel chair at the age of 47

She had sold all her properties and all they were left with was the clothes on their back

His younger brother came to see them and screamed in horror

Why didn’t you reach out!

Why didn’t you call me!

You allowed the devil to isolate you from help!

My sister!

He picked his phone and made a call

“Sir, I came to see my elder brother and met the family in a mess, I need you to please step into this, there a demonic activity at work here, I don’t know how none of those around them missed it. Everything they were had been sucked into a black hole of the devil’s making!’

Give her the phone

Voice: Good evening ma, how are you?

She: I am fine, I have been praying and fasting sir

Voice: Please go and get something to eat. I will call you back in an hour

He called back in an hour, told the woman to lay hands on her husband and command his freedom from sickness and total deliverance from affliction. Then he prayed with the woman for restoration. As he was about to ring off, the woman said “Sir, is that all?”

Voice: Yes. Don’t worry. It is taken care of!

The woman turned to her brother-In-law, ‘’are you saying that prayer is all that will restore us?’’

Brother-In-Law: If he says it is enough, it is enough!

It began to rain!

From 2pm the rain and the wind took over the atmosphere until 7AM the next morning.

She woke up, opened the door and saw it

The rain had dug it out from underneath their front steps where it was buried

A black clay pot, with twenty naira note wrapped in cowries with a white and black thread!

She screamed!

Her brother-in-law rushed out!

He saw and began to glorify God!

She believed!

She: Who was the person I spoke with on the phone yesterday!

Brother-in-law: He is just a brother in my church.

She: I will like to see him today.

They set off for the city

They found the brother, dressed in Jeans and T-Shirt, Kabashing and worshipping the Lord in his office

He invited them in immediately!

She: Sir, my husband is in the car, Please come and pray for him

Man in Jeans and T-shirt started smiling, he pointed to the door and told them to turn around

They did

They saw her husband, running up the stairs shouting hallelujah

She screamed. Her brother in law screamed! The husband screamed!!!

They all fell down

The Holy Ghost decided to brood!


When they rose to their feet, they knew the tide had turned!

They returned to their town rejoicing

Within a month, the husband resumed his lecturing job and her international friends came to her aid

Her fashion house is still standing tall today

Though they were nominal Christians before the storm, they gave their lives to Christ and received the fullness and fire of the Holy Ghost.

They are life givers now, setting the captives of the mighty free!