They both loved her in their unique ways.

One was very attentive and caring.

Always trying very hard to please her

The other was aloof, but extremely intelligent.

His words stirred her heart in ways no one else could.

She could not marry both of them.

But she really needed something from both character traits in order to be complete in life.

The inadequacies of the simple was augmented by the complicated.

The aggressiveness of the latter was made up for by the docility of the simple.

Of course they would never agree to share.

Where was that done?!

She found herself in a dilemma.

Who would she go with?

She waited two years for the right guy.

A third guy who combined the characteristics of the two.

A genius with the heart of gold.

Or for one of them to walk away.

Neither did!

They graduated.

The smart guy went to serve in the north.

The nice guy went to serve in the east.

She was posted to the south-south.

She knew time was against her.

She had to make a choice.

DNA screamed that she should choose the genius.

If only for the sake of their children.

But he was not given to too much emotions.

He didn’t care about emotions at all.

It was as if his cerebral nature robbed him of empathy.

But the docile guy cared.

He paid great attention to her needs all the time.

The problem was, she was not so intelligent and marrying an average guy would prevent her children from gaining a strong foothold on tomorrow!

What should she do?

A third guy came along eventually.

He bagged the award for being the best Youth Corper during their service year.

She was seven years older than him.

Seven years!

He was age mates with his fourth younger sister.

They worked together at the local government.

He was direct and daring!

Oh God!

Would I marry a child?

She didn’t know what to do!

The docile guy invited her to the city where he was serving.

Two months before service was over,

He proposed!

She chocked!

She didn’t mean to but she did.

She just couldn’t go through with it.

She broke his heart.

The genius got a scholarship and travelled abroad.

He only sent her a text message.

“You would have been Circe to my Odysseus, but Zeus came through on time”

She got it!

He felt relieved the decision was taken out of his hands by his scholarship

She was left with a kid.

On the day they passed out, the kid looked intently into her eyes and kissed her.

Kissed Her!

Crazy boy!

He wanted to mount his ancestors

She wanted to slap him but her hand withered.

She would lose all three of her admirers and she was already 34 years old.

Common sense prevailed or maybe it was selfish interest.

She kissed him back.

He was retained.

She helped him rent and furnish his flat.

He was a little bossy but he was a genius and very caring.

She swallowed her pride and played along.

Isn’t wisdom said to be profitable to direct?

He proposed!

She said yes!

He was from another tribe but he made it happen!

They got married!

Everybody thought it would not last.

But it did.

He became a politician and a pastor.

She played her role beside him with wisdom.

They now have three set of twins and have been married for fifteen years.

She has no regrets!