She made up her mind six months before she executed the plan

She went to her mother and told her the plan

She said it would be like a kick in her husband's back

The lazy runt needed a jolt of reality

For how much longer would she have to bear with him?

She had been the one catering to the need of the family since he lost his job

It wasn't as if he wasn't trying to get another job

But "trying" doesn't cut it

He needed to be the man of the house

Meet the responsibilities

God forbid that she would end up feeding a man

She would feed him, sleep with him and still take care of the house chores?

No way!

She gave him six months grace to get his acts together

The six months lapsed

Things only seemed to be getting worse

She decided to remove the kid's gloves

She started taunting him in the house

Calling him all sorts of names

She refused to sleep with him

Small boys don't get to have sex

Only grown and matured men do

A man that cannot put food on the table will have to hug a pillow

She went to get herself a vibrator

It was value for money

Whenever she has sexual need,

she would lock herself in the guest room and do the needful

She will not be a fool for anybody!

Her husband bore it

He knew his responsibility

He knew that as long as she was the one providing he had no say

He would help her with the house chores

He told her to get rid of the house girl so that they would reduce expenses

She shouted at him

"So you now want to be the houseman? Daddy day care!"

Whenever she wasn't at home

He would cry his eyes out and beg God to please intervene in his matter

He was not a stingy husband

He was working with an oil servicing firm when he met her

She was a fresh graduate then

They both met at a single's conference in church

She was planning to travel abroad for her masters and he was looking for a wife

When he proposed, she told him she would know he was serious if he would wait two years for her to finish her masters

He decided she was worth the wait

They got married two years later

She got a job with a multinational company

Life was good!

They were a power couple

Dubai today, Malaysia tomorrow

They had the dream life

The marriage was blessed with two boys

Everything was going according to divine script

Until the oil servicing company that employed him moved their business out of the country

She tried as much as she could to get another job before the company left

He continued to hope for a break after the company left

He called and visited and lobbied all the movers and shakers he knew

His wife made sure he had no joy at home

Life suddenly became a bitter water for him

The dreams of saving up big and buying a duplex in an renowned estate sank

Understandably most of his "friends" distanced themselves

He also distanced himself from them

He had become the "failure" story

The one life left behind!

One Saturday his wife insisted he must go and pay one of his rich uncles a visit

He went reluctantly

He waited for several hours before his Uncle showed his face

His uncle told him he was travelling and gave him an appointment to see him sometimes the following week

When he got home, his wife and children had disappeared

He couldn't believe it

He went straight to her parent's house

His wife told him to come back for them when he had a job

It was the most embarrassing day of his life

There was nothing his wife didn't say

He saw his wife's mother winking at his wife to shut up, his wife hammered him on

The following day was a Sunday

He couldn't go to church because of his state of mind

He had paced the floor all night talking to himself and God

The pastor and some folks from church came to see him after service

They spent about thirty minutes and left

Few minutes after they left he heard a knock on his door

When he opened the door it was one of the church folk that just left his house

The brother dropped a card for him

"See me at my office tomorrow"

He went to see the brother the following day

He got his letter of employment

The brother had floated his own oil servicing company

The brother didn't have many clients

The brother told him if he could convince the clients of his previous employer to do business with them

He would get a certain percentage of the business such a client brings apart from his salary

He jumped in at the deep end of the pool immediately

Within a month, he had signed on eighteen mega clients

Money started rolling in again

He didn't say anything to anybody about it

He worked for six months, saved a tidy sum of money

He got himself a lawyer and sued for divorce

Immediately his wife got the letter, she went mad

"She had been taking care of his children for him and he dared sue for divorce?"

She packed the children's clothes, put them in a car and drove them to his house

As soon as he opened the door, she hissed, got into her car and drove off

He was left with his children!

He got a governess and a house maid

Within a year he bought that dream house of his

He threw a lavish house warming party

His wife was informed of his comeback

She saw the video of the dedication on a friend's phone

She drove to his house the following Saturday

She told him she wanted to have a discussion with him

She told him she wanted the marriage back

He listened to her carefully and told her he would think about it

She waited for many weeks without a response

She decided she needed help

She went to their church pastor

She told him she wanted the marriage back

The pastor followed her to her husband's house

Her husband was a good christian, the pastor was convinced he could be entreated

When they go to the husband's house, they were told he was in the hospital

They wondered what the emergency was

When they got to the hospital

They saw him, the husband, carrying a baby

When he saw them he smiled and said

"Pastor, God has blessed me with a baby girl"

His wife stood still like Lot's wife did before turning to salt

Pastor: How come?

Husband: Pastor, please leave that thing, celebrate with me!

Pastor smiled and blessed the baby



PS: The husband didn't marry the lady that delivered the baby girl

He said she was a friend who didn't want to get involved in his complicated business

The baby girl is three years old

The couple are still separated

Nobody seemed to have the wisdom to bring them back together

A lot of people have tried to no avail

Yet the wife insists she wants her husband back

And the husband says he has nothing against her coming back to him

The event happened in Ajao Estate, Lagos in 2017