All she wanted when she became born again was a husband

A man she can call her own

She became a believer when she was in 100 level in the university, at the age of 20

She desired all the Lord had in stock for her

But she was misled

Somebody somewhere made her think that working for the Church is the same thing as working for God

This is absolutely not true

The church is the Kingdom of Jesus Christ

Many work therein

Some of the workers know the Lord Jesus

Others are in the church simply to make ends meet

The church for many is no different from a secular establishment

Render your expertise and get paid

The church for some others is the Kingdom of Jesus

They were guided by the Holy Spirit on what to do and where to go at every time of the day

For them the church is not for making ends meet

The church is a living organism that must grow every day in words, in thoughts and in deeds

So while some came into the church for a quick fix and a solution to all their problems

Others came into the church for the love of the Lord and a target of becoming like the Lord

She came into the kingdom for its promises

But she didn’t know there was supposed to be a spiritual guide who will lead her into all truth!

Every Sunday, she would hear people giving testimonies of God’s goodness

It wasn’t as if God didn’t do anything for her and through her but they were minor stuff

What she wanted was more of a major breakthrough

Like the Cinderella Story!

A magic wand and poof!

She wanted to be transformed into a princess permanently

With her prince charming on her right hand, a castle on the left and a rainfall of gold dust

She waited!

One year, two years, three years

This didn’t happen!

She became discouraged!

She had relied on sight to claim the dividends of the spirit

She walked with the Lord in the third dimension

What did God tell Prophet Samuel?

“Man’s focus is on sight but I look at the Heart”

How could anyone want to have a successful Christian life  by walking in the flesh?

Truth is without Faith, it is impossible to please God!

Faith is the fourth Dimension!

As days rolled into weeks and months rolled into years

She lost touch with the Holy Spirit and trudged along with the rest of the church

She was still born again, heaven bound but she couldn’t even recognize the Holy Spirit if he wore a red suit and stood in the middle of the road

She talked church language, thought churchy thoughts and believed she was serving the Lord

She didn’t know when she began to leak

But she hemorrhaged spiritual virtues very badly

She didn’t know when she started taking offence about everyone and everything

“Somebody is looking down on her!”

“If not for circumstances and her situation, she shouldn’t be here”

Of all men she became most miserable!

She understood she had to live right

She simply limited living right to doing the right thing by self-will outside of the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

She became religious!

The more she saw those who were not living right enjoying their lives while God had not rewarded her for her self-righteousness, the more angry and bitter she became

She disguised it under many religious parlance

“If I perish I perish”

“For such a time as this”

“The wicked are prospering while the righteous suffers”

“God cannot be mocked”

“God had forsaken her”

“Why did God allow the wicked to prosper?”

“God has forgotten her!”

“God had forsaken her”

“Being a Christian is not fair to old believers, see young believers getting whatever they wanted”

She had been too entrenched in the church to go back now

Her faith had become a form of godliness but without the power!

She got a job with the church

Earned her monthly wages

But the face of God remained hidden from her

Demonic activities set in

She got diagnosed with a tumor in her left leg

Her friends and family members rallied around her

She had the surgery in tears

“Didn’t God promise that none shall be feeble, none shall be sick and none shall be afflicted amongst his flock?”

She had been afflicted and God simply watched her without intervening

She heard about a meeting organized by a brother in Jeans and T-shirt

She needed to address the Kwashiorkor form of Christianity she was practicing

Something was obviously wrong

She went for the meeting

She went simply out of curiosity

“There was nothing new any man of God has to offer, she has heard it all”

Curiously though, after the meeting

Something changed

Religion melted out of her spirit

She realized she had long left her guide (The Holy Spirit) behind in her walk with the Lord

So who was she really walking with all those years?

She was walking by herself!

She started waking up to pray between 2am and 4am

She laid down at 4 am and meditated on the word of God until she slept off

She started hearing the Holy Spirit again

It started from knowing what to wear and gradually grew into praying without even being conscious she was praying

Her thoughts started changing

She couldn’t explain it

She drove to the fuel station one evening to buy some fuel

The attendant sold her fuel but she felt a strong restraint in her feeling and parked her car closeby

She alighted and walked to the petrol attendant

“I am sorry but is there something bothering you? I wanted to drive away but my spirit kept saying I should talk to you”

The attendant broke down in tears

His elder brother and bread winner of the family had been struck down by a strange ailment, for three weeks, everything in his family was at a standstill!”

She collected his the address and called two sister from the church

They drove to the man’s house and prayed for him

The man recovered!

She led the man to Christ!

Fourteen months later, she was engaged to the man

She couldn’t believe it

The Cindarella reality she had always dreamt of plus the Castle and the gold dust rain!

They got married on the 8th of December 2018

She wrote to the brother in Jeans and T-shirt

“Today I realized that two years with the Holy Spirit makes all dream come true, I will never forsake this sweet fellowship, it has transformed my life!”


PS: If you are a Christian and you are not in a relationship with the Holy Spirit

What are you doing?

Our walk with the Holy Spirit is one of contention

 Everything is stacked up against a believer

The world wants to go south but the believer’s journey was always northwards

The world wants to gain recognition through popular opinion

The believer must strive only to please God!

Get on the social media and say something the world finds offensive

You will be hounded and insulted until you apologize

If you don’t apologize, you lose your social standing and probably an opportunity to make some money

It was never about what is right or what God wants

The world offers temporal reprieve and compensation

Many citizens of the kingdom would gladly take this!


Success on earth is measured by “what you have” and not “Who you are”

Many believers have fallen for this reality without working out its basics

Money for the sake of having money is not enough

It can never be

God prospers his children but he does so for the sake of the kingdom

If you find yourself looking at what others have achieved and find yourself feeling depressed because you seemed behind everyone else, you have been grossly misled!

Kingdom resources are entrusted to kingdom financiers for the sake of the kingdom

It is not a lottery

If your walk and calling is consistent with kingdom values, you get it!

To compare yourself with somebody bequeathed with kingdom resources on the basis of how long ago you became born again is to throw yourself to the wolves

Kingdom result has nothing to do with duration and everything to do with relationship

If you really want results, you have to walk the talk

The gospel is fully loaded with every good gift you need for life and godliness