We must pay heed to our minds

We must pay deep attention to our thoughts

We must pay attention!

Many believers are not paying attention to what they think

They assume anything goes


Anything does not go in the kingdom of heaven

What goes is Faith!

Some say what matters is keeping the law of God

This is a lie!

What matters is walking with the Holy Spirit at all times!

A man of God can pray for you or with you to solve one problem

He cannot embark on your spiritual journey with the Holy Spirit for you

We have to put in the work, soldiers of the Kingdom were not provided with officer’s mess


That morning, he woke up at 4 AM

He assumed the Holy Spirit roused him from sleep so that he can go for “morning cry”

Morning cry was very popular in his community

“Morning cry” means going to the streets early in the morning and preaching the gospel

The aim was not to gather a crowd but to stir people’s minds towards God at the break of dawn

Often times the preacher would be done and preparing to face the day before 6AM

He started doing it a few months after God miraculously settled his accommodation problem

He promised God he would preach the Gospel to all and sundry

Convenience was not a factor

He started waking up at 4am

He would pray for one hour and hit the street by 5AM

He would have chosen a particular street the previous night and while praying he would mention the street persistently, asking the Lord to mount upon his message like the eagle into the hearts of men with power!

That morning he prayed earnestly for the street he wanted to minister at

He walked briskly to the street, praying in tongues under his breathe

Immediately he stepped into the street, he saw a man

He was doing morning cry right on the street he had chosen and was doing a very poor job of it in his opinion

He couldn’t see the man very clearly because it was still dark but what he heard was not it at all!

The man was trying very hard to preach in English, but his command of English was simply put, a disaster

“Why wouldn’t the man just stay in the village and preach in his native language? He thought, “Nobody can hear him! He wasn’t making any sense and he was giving other preachers a bad name!”

He shook his head in pity as he walked by the man on the street

The Holy Spirit said “So you now see yourself as better than my other children”

He: No sir!

He froze immediately and turned towards the man

The man’s eyes were closed, he was preaching on top of his voice

He started listening to the man

A few minutes after he was stopped dead in his tracks

He started understanding what the man was saying

The man was preaching with passion about the price Jesus paid for the whole world and the epidemic of sin in the world

The man was emanating the raw power of the Holy Spirit

The man preached for thirty minutes

Immediately the man finished praying after his sermon, the man turned to him and said “Thank you!”

He didn’t know why the man thanked him

The man said “I felt strongly in my heart that the Lord was calling me to be in ministry, but I didn’t want to make a mistake so I told Him I will come out today and preach on this street at 5am. If I get at least one person to stop that early in the morning to listen to my sermon for just a few minutes, even though I know I don’t speak English very well, I will know that the Lord has called me into ministry.

I had been preaching for about five minutes before you came and immediately you turned around and stood right in front of me, I knew God indeed called me and I am on track!

“Wow!” The revelation stunned him

The man shook his hands and turned to go

The Holy Spirit said “Bless him”

He quickly put his hand in his pocket and brought out his wallet! He gave the man all the money he had on him

The man looked at him and fell on his knees





“It is good to serve you sir, it is good to serve you Jesus, I will serve you forever”

“You said if I obey you, you will feed my family! I said how, how, how!”

I obey you for just one day and you bless me like this!


The man started rolling on the floor, blessing the name of the Lord!

He quickly walked away

He didn’t want the man to thank God and then start thanking him

As he walked towards his house he started thinking about the Holy Spirit’s way

It wasn’t rigid at all

He could have focused on preaching that morning and missed the intention of the Holy Spirit and he would have thought in his own mind that he has done the will of God!

He remembered the first time the Holy Spirit warned him against assumption

It was several months before, on a Saturday morning

He was returning home from night vigil when he saw a lady preaching the gospel at a junction not far from his church

The lady was wearing a pair of jeans and sweater

The weather was slightly chilly

Three young men, also preaching the gospel walked towards her from another street and attacked her immediately

“What are you preaching dressed like a prostitute?”

The lady ignored them

They invaded her space

“Stop preaching what you are not practicing, a woman wearing trousers is an abomination to the Lord!”

By the time he got close enough to them to diffuse the situation, the lady had been totally cowered and shaken

She walked away

They walked away

The Holy Spirit said “See how your brothers hurt me”

He: They don’t know any better, the church they attend taught them that it is a sin for women to wear trousers, that teaching is part of their belief system

The Holy Spirit: Don’t ever be like them! Paul thought he was doing the right thing when he set out to persecute the church. Judaism was all he knew and he stuck to it. He didn’t open himself up to the possibility that I am God and I can do something new or desire something different!

He: Yes sir

The Holy Spirit: This was why I asked you not to judge but also gave you the power to forgive the sins of others! If you see something someone was doing, ask me first if it is right or wrong! If it is wrong, correct such a person in love but above all forgive such a person with joy! Do not be an offence collector and don’t ever be religious! You have been called to bliss, don’t sell it for self-righteousness!

He remembered promising himself never to judge by sight ever again but it is difficult

Human nature has a way of creeping into the things of the spirit

The goal was to get progressively better until nature of God takes him over fully!


PS: The first event happened at Ogunkoya street, Ketu Lagos

The second event happened at Ogunlana street, Ketu Lagos

Let us be careful how we relate with or regard the things of God and our fellow men

In this age of social media, many of us are quick to jump on the bandwagon of condemnation, hurting others, shaming people for their comments, retweeting and commenting on the noise of the market while neglecting our primary constituency

Believers shouldn’t have an opinion on anything unless they are sure their opinion mirrors the opinion of the Holy Spirit

If you ever find yourself on the opposition’s side to the Holy Spirit and you are a Christian, please don’t delay! Repent immediately!