His mother dropped him by the doorstep of her flat when he was two weeks old

She had been married to her husband for a year and he didn’t seem to be making any headway!

It wasn’t as if he was that poor

But she was from royal stock

There was a certain unspoken criteria she was supposed to meet

She married him for love

But love was for commoners

Power marries for power

Wealth marries for wealth

A crowned princess wasn’t supposed to be living in a two bedroom flat

She didn’t understand what made her pay him any attention

From the moment she sighted him, she liked him

He was cool, not braggadocios like many of the men she had met before in her father’s palace

He was also brilliant and he dressed very well

She knew he came from money

What he didn’t know was that the money was not his in any way

The family that adopted him and sent him to school were the ones with the money

He was the poor son of a farmer from the village!

He wasn’t naturally a dishonest man

He was blunt with the truth

She didn’t know why he didn’t tell her the truth about his situation from the onset

All she saw was his air of confidence, the brilliance and the fact that he was different

She locked in on him

When they graduated and she heard that he met another lady during his service year and they were getting uncomfortably close

She left her staton and travelled to his post to spend some time with him

She went to fight for her place

She must have made a bold statement

The lady in question simply faded away!

She accused him of being unfaithful

He accused her of playing with his feelings

She decided it was high time they started having sex

His feelings was all about getting into her pants

She had kept him away for almost three years

If her high standard would drive him away

She felt it would be best to let him in!

That night he opened the door persistently

She opened it gently

His hammer hit the nail squarely

She screamed in French

That was the day she locked him down

Hook, line and sinker

He didn’t dare stray again

After their service year, she got pregnant

His question was “When do I bring my people to meet your folks”

Her people gave them a date

He came with pomp and pageantry

It was quite befitting

The bride price and everything needed to be paid was graciously paid

Her father was stunned

Usually the bride’s family will set a target so high that the groom’s family will have to come begging for some reprieve

No with his folks

They paid everything demanded by her family with joy

Aftr the wedding, his “Parents” told her parents that they adopted him and they had promised to groom him until his wedding

They were happy that God granted their heart desire to see that day

But his real parents were still alive and well

The father was farmer and the mother a trader

It was as if a bullet was shot right into her head

She immediately wanted to call off the wedding

But that would be unroyal

She calmed herself down

She had dreamt of living in a mansion with servants and lots of money

She had felt she was going to be an extension of royalty all her life

This was not to be

His adopted family rented them a fully furnished two bedroom flat

He was extremely grateful

He told her they came to their village for evangelism when he was seven

As they were packing up after their evangelism programme

He went to meet them and told them he would like to follow them to the city

He didn’t know where he got the guts from

He simply loved everything about them

They approached his parents and asked if they could adopt him

His parents released him immediately

He was the sixteenth child of the family

The fifth son of the third wife

That was the day destiny spoke for him

His adopted parents spared no expense in giving him the best

Their own biological children were already in college abroad

They were from the USA

They came to Africa on their first missionary journey after retiring from their jobs

And they took him as a project!

Though they were African-Americans and he came to learn to speak like them

They dressed and behaved like natives most of the time!

After the wedding, she hated him

How could royalty be living in such a glorified squalor?

She resolved in her heart to endure until she had the child

She needed to retrace her steps and get back on her royal high horse

She delivered the child on the 1st of May 1982

She dumped him and his Father on the 15th of May 1982

Just like that!

His father did all he could to raise him right

His father was working at the wharf at the time and had little time to spare

His biological family were in the village and he didn’t want his son to grow up there!

He put his little child in the care of an elderly school proprietress

He was raised as best as anybody in his father’s shoes could raise him

Visiting days and open days were the worst days for him in primary and high school

Nobody comes for him

Though many of his friends didn’t notice the gaffe, he did

How come nobody cared enough to care!

His father was working with OYSADEP at the time

He was never around until the end of the academic term when he would come around to pick him up and dump him with one relative or the other for the holidays

By the time he got admitted into the Polytechnic

His handsome features and brilliance brought ladies his way

He kept digging hole after hole

He dug so often and so well, he dug three roommates at once

He didn’t see anything wrong with his actions

All the ladies who showed him love were treated like trash

Those who didn’t show him any emotion were also regarded as thrash

He never understood what love is

He could never bring himself to treat any woman with respect

He graduated and continued in the lifestyle

He added smoking and alcohol to his game

He became a night crawler, jumping from club to club

His family members and friends became worried

“When are you getting married?”

His Father became worried, “When will you settle down?”

He simply wouldn’t be bothered

His Father tried his best to talk to him

‘Your mother abandoned you as a child, I said so many things I shouldn’t have said to you, those things have become a stronghold in your life, you need to let it go!”

He understood what his father was saying, but he didn’t know how to change

He was 37, single, handsome, eligible and attracting ladies by the drove

He simply couldn’t keep a relationship on an emotional level

For him it is sex and be gone!

On his 38th Birthday, 1st May 2018

His Father invited the brother in Jeans and T-shirt to his son’s flat

“Please, come and pray for my son on his 38th Birthday”

The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt got to the flat just as the celebrant was setting out to go clubbing with his friends

They shook hands

The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt said “Jesus”

The celebrant was flung from one side of the room to the other by the power of the Holy Spirit!

The whole room became charged with power

Goose pimples broke out on everybody!

The celebrant laid there for almost thirty minutes

When he eventually stood up, he started crying!

Nobody could console him

He cried for almost an hour

The young man in Jeans and T-shirt asked him

‘Will you like to give your life to Jesus now and be filled with the Holy Spirit?”

The celebrant said yes!

He became born again that night

His life suddenly turned around

He stopped night crawling, clubbing, smoking and drinking

He also stopped chasing skirts and bum shorts

On December 1, 2018

He got married to a beautiful damsel he met at the House Fellowship

Ps: He was one of the favoured ones

There are many like him whose issues never got addressed in their lifetime

They kept spreading hurt to other people because they were nursing the pain of being abandoned psychologically

Jesus said we all have one Father

God is our source

I you find yourself in a similar situation

Don’t assume you can macho it!

Come to Jesus immediately

No one sets a life right the way He does