Her friend had a crush on her elder brother

She saw the signs

At first it fascinated her but it soon became an irritation

She discovered that her friend’s head was often in the clouds whenever she came visiting

It was as if her friend was just using her as an excuse to come into their house

Whenever her elder brother emerged from his room

Her friend would stammer and stutter

Like a six year old

Her brother also noticed

But he ignored her friend

The more he ignored her friend, the harder her friend tried

Her friend would go to the neighborhood park every Saturday morning with water flasks. Knowing full well that her brother would come to the park to play basketball

Her brother was always very polite to her friend, but her friend kept dropping hints

Her brother’s friends started teasing him, calling her friend his wife

Her brother took it lightly

A new family moved into the estate

The family had three beautiful ladies

The ladies were all beautiful and her brother and other guys in the estate talked about their beauty and their 'moves' to befriend the ladies throughout that week

Her friend noticed

Her friend made friends with the ladies and fed them tales about the inhabitants of the estate

She told them her brother was betrothed to her and she would kill anybody that came in between them

Her brother eventually met the ladies

Her brother was shocked when he heard all the things her friend did

He brother called her and told her to talk to her friend

Her friend’s handshake had almost gotten to the shoulder

She felt very embarrassed by her friend’s shameless action

She called her friend and gave her some stern talking to

Her friend took offence

Her friend stopped coming to their house

She tried several times to make peace with her friend

Her friend refused all entreaties

They parted ways

She graduated from the university

Traveled abroad

She met a guy from her country

They became friends

They were talking relationship

The guy bailed on her

That had always been the pattern with her

A guy will come close enough to start a conversation

The promise would be very evident in the guy’s eyes

Her hope will bud, then the guy would walk away

She couldn’t remember going on three dates or hanging out with a guy on three consecutive occasions

Even male friends, the type that many ladies called “Bestie”

She tried keeping one when she was in the University

The friendship didn’t last a week

She studied Petroleum Engineering

A field dominated by men

She would see their eyes roam all over her

She would notice their interest pique

And she would watch it fizzle out


She finished her internship, got a juicy job offer

Returned home

Her mother called her

"What is going on? When are you getting married?"

What was she to say?

Mr. Right has not yet come

Her mother cried!

Her mother said her brother, now 35, had a peculiar problem

Ladies were never interested in him for more than a week

If he had been showing a girl some serious attention and the girl was game

Somehow the lady would start putting up attitude and distancing herself from him within a week

Her brother was supposed to be the most eligible bachelor in the whole world

He owned his own business

His business made a nine figure turnover the previous year

He had everything!

Her mother was very concerned!

She told her mother her experience with men

“Mummy, if I stand naked beside an electricity pole, men would rather climb the pole than come near me!”

Her mother went to church

Narrated the ordeal to the Pastor

The Pastor prayed with her mother, told her to bring her children for prayers

She brought her children the next day

They waited in the reception while the pastor attended to some other guests

A young man in Jeans and T-Shirt came into the reception, saw them and smiled

“You came here to see Pastor So and so”

‘Yes” they chorused

He turned to her, Who is So and So?

It took her a while but she remembered

She was once my friend

The Man in Jeans and T-Shirt: Can you get her phone number or contact her in any way?

Her brother brought out his phone, he had her number

She sent her brother messages daily

Man in Jeans and T-shirt: Call her

Her brother called her, she picked

Man in Jeans and T-Shirt: My name is so and so, I am with a certain lady and her brother. The sun I am looking at might be going down soon. I see you going down with it, if you don’t get here as soon as possible!

He told them to relax, her friend will join them soon

Her friend called back immediately, asked for the address and told them she will be with them within the hour

She arrived within the hour

They went into the office of the man in Jeans and T-Shirt

Man in Jeans and T-shirt: Why did you do this?

Her friend opened her bag, brought out two padlocks

Her name was on one and her brother’s name on the other

Her friend: If I don’t have him, nobody else will. He is mine and because she (pointing at her) rebuked me instead of encouraging her brother to be with me, she will have nobody too

The man in Jeans and T-Shirt laughed!

He lifted his arms to the heavens and he sang in the spirit

Her friend started swaying

Man in Jeans and T-Shirt: I brought you here to set you free. Witchcraft cannot stand before the light that shines brighter than the noonday which lives in me

He laid hands on her friend

She fell on her knees and started shaking

He took anointing oil, poured some in his hands and laid hands on her friend

Her friend screamed

He blew some air into her friend’s face

Her friend fainted

The padlocks snapped open

The man in jeans and T-Shirt told them to stand up, laid his right hand on her brother and the left hand on her

Commanded the effect of sorcery and witchcraft to lose its hold

He asked them if they would like to give their lives to Jesus

They said yes!

He led them in prayer

They confessed Jesus as their Lord and savior

He laid hands on them

They were both filled with the Holy Ghost

Her friend also gained consciousness

He led her friend in the prayer of salvation

Their friend got saved

Their friend got filled with the Holy Ghost

They all glorified God!



PS: This event happened in 2015

She got married in 2016, April

Her brother got married in 2017, August

Her friend got married in 2018, October

The yoke of delay is broken over your marital destiny

Whatsoever might have caused your garden to repel its pollinators, I command the North wind and the South wind to blow into your garden now in Jesus name!

Songs of Solomon 4:16