The Minx

The Minx

It started at the ATM on CMD road

There was a queue

Network issues

She went first

The machine "swallowed" her card

She waited and complained but was told to go to her bank to collect it

She was stranded

He decided not to risk his card, turned to leave

She approached him

She: Please I am stranded, did you drive?

He: Yes, which way are you going?

She: So and so

He: Oh! I am going that way

He gave her a ride, she talked and he listened

It was refreshing, his first time with a lady who talked freely without waiting for the guy to lead the conversation

They got to her bus stop, he parked

She: I am enjoying your company, why does it have to end so soon? Can you drive me home? My house is not far from here.

He was enjoying her company too but...

She filled his car with giggles, laughter and careless exuberance

It's been a while!

He got to her house.

She: Can I have your number?

He gave her.

She: I like you

He: I like you too

She: Are you always this quiet?

He: We can't both be talking at the same time and truth be told, you exuded warmth and charm as we rode together

She: Awwwwwnnnnnn

He laughed

They were at her gate for one hour. Seated in his car. Chatting and laughing away! He was heading home but it would be impolite to end such a nice evening especially since the company is so charming

She: Will you call me?

He: I will

She: Kiss kiss?

He kissed her and she left

As he drove home, he didn't understand what had happened!

He was married!

He has never cheated and has no plan to cheat.

Thank God it was not more than a kiss. I will never see her again. He parked and deleted her phone no. He also blocked her on true caller

A week later, he was on the Island buying some pastries for his children when someone sneaked up to him from behind and covered his eyes with her hands

He turned with a smile and there she was

They laughed.

She: You didn't call, I tried calling you but your number is always busy

He: Sorry

She: I came to get some materials, I saw your car. I decided to check if it was you.

He: I am here to buy some pastries.

They talked. He gave her a ride again

They got to her gate. She came down from the passenger side and jumped into the back seat

She: Join me

He did

Right there in the backseat of the car he and his wife bought a few months after their second wedding anniversary, he did the unthinkable.

He had no excuse. He knew this. It was the moment of darkness. He was tested and he failed woefully.

He told her he was married!

She left.

He saw her missed calls the next day. 57 missed calls. The true caller had blocked her calls from coming in but he saw all her attempts. He called her back.

She: We have to see

He: Ok

She chose the venue

She took him to a room

They did it again


He didn't have a clue

As they rose back she said, I knew you were married.

It showed all over you even though you were not wearing a ring.

I don't want a relationship.

I will respect your home and space and i will never ask you for money!

Just one or two hours a week like today.

Can you do that?

He fell for it.

Three years later, his wife's younger sister was getting married. They got to the reception and he saw her. She ignored him and screamed "Senior Xxxx". She hugged his wife and his wife introduced her to him as her school daughter.

They lost touch years ago!

Later, He asked her what was going on.

She: Your wife, my school mother was sleeping with my daddy when we were in secondary school. She almost destroyed my parent's marriage. I only wanted the satisfaction of doing the same thing to her

The Revenge really felt good!

The nonsense stopped afterwards, he had fooled himself into believing sin will come at no cost.

His wife didn't know till date that he strayed but every time the "school daughter" came around, he was reminded of how easy a target he was!

He never strayed again!