As we give ourselves to praying 
in the Spirit, we must be careful 
not to set ourselves as oppositions 
to the fruit of our prayers, because 
prayers arrange and set things in 
order in our lives, even if we are 
not aware in our minds that's we 
are praying about.
If you find that certain persons who 
used to be very close to you suddenly 
begin to pull away without cause, 
don't be hasty in trying to pull them 
What if it's your prayer working? 
Since much of God's plan for our lives 
depends on the relationships we keep, 
we must be alert to times when there 
is a sorting supernaturally, of those 
profitable and those who probably 
because of the turns they have decided 
to take, have become injurious to our
 journey. At other times, certain folks 
may become drawn to us, because 
we have things to do together. 
As we pray, this will happen from 
time to time, supernaturally!
Sometimes, places where we have 
settled down in comfort will suddenly 
become hot. 
We shouldn't be swift to think it's 
the enemy. 
No, our time there may have expired, 
or we may even be at the wrong place, 
If we are not discerning, we may stay 
longer in toxic relationships; sit longer in 
expired grounds; and close the door to 
profitable relationships and places, 
and in so doing, we become the opposition 
to the fruit of our prayers.
Supernatural coincidences are the norm 
wherever prayers lead the way.

Think on this.



The glory of God can be so intoxicating, 
you will get drunk and you will never be 
the same anymore. 
In summary to walk with God,
passion ,focus , desperation and 
discipline are needed. 
Like I was telling a friend of mine that 
I feel I'm eating too much. 
And I'm someone who eat once a day.
 But I feel like I'm eating too much 
because I'm growing beyond that , 
the more you advance in the spirit, 
 the less food you will be needing. 
Because the divine energy in your 
physical body will become so strong. 
You need food so as to supply energy 
to the body. 
But in the divine sense, your body ought 
to function by the divine energy from 
your spirit. 
The more your physical body enjoys 
the supply of divine energy from your 
spirit the less you will be needing physical 
This is simple divine science.
Your physical body can be maintained 
by divine energy without you experiencing 
emaciation even if you don't eat physical 
I understand the spiritual mechanics 
behind these things Sons of God are rising
We are coming!!!
We are making progress
I told someone that even if they put an 
advanced son of God in a vacuum where 
there is no oxygen,  he can not die, 
you can advance to the point where 
you don't even need oxygen to survive 
and you survive and exist absolutely by 
and through the unceasing flow of the 
divine life energy from your spirit
And I can even go on to explain how 
this is possible!!!
We are increasing in revelational light


The first three years of his marriage 
was very shaky! 
He was unstable financially and as 
expected he endured a lot of insults! 
But he gave as good as he got, 
his wife’s nuclear family got their nose 
in his business and he made sure he 
gave them a bloody nose for their efforts
He was a brawler 
He might not be rich yet but he wouldn’t 
become anybody’s doormat. 
As bad as things were at the time he paid 
the rent and made sure all the bills were 
taken care of. 
He didn’t have enough to put food on 
the table and participate in family events! 
He could do better but the times were 
hard at the time! 
He remembered several verbal exchanges 
between himself and his wife. 
Many of them were uncalled for and 
downright disrespectful. 
They always found a way to make up and 
keep the marriage going! 
The though time tarried for three years
Somehow things picked up 
He left the stock brokering business for 
banking and started rising steadily 
He thought it should be the best time for 
his marriage to breathe 
He felt it was high time he fulfilled his 
promise of being a blessing to his wife 
and making his home the one he had 
always dreamt of. 
He bought his wife a car, built a house 
and all! 
He was faithful as he had always been 
and stayed away from toxic stuff that 
triggers their disagreement and yet his 
marriage was hell! 
His wife was an elephant! 
She kept a record of all the wrong things 
he ever said and did for those bad years 
and couldn’t stop talking about them! 
“You called me this in our first year of 
“You said this to my mother in our second 
year of marriage” 
There are new joys and great achievements 
of the present and yet she refused to see 
It has to be bad memories and bad thoughts. 
He got tired of it. 
They went to see a therapist to talk about it. 
They spent three weeks! 
The therapist told her to forget the past, 
enjoy the present and look towards the 
She smiled and said “Yes, thank you sir” 
But she remained the same
Their church pastor and other respected 
people got in on it. 
You are in your eighth year of marriage 
you kept complaining about the first 
three years. 
Why are you making your home untenable 
for your husband? Move on! 
She said “he made me like this and I 
cannot change” 
And that is where he was, wondering how 
he could continue in a marriage to a 
woman who cannot let go of the first three 
years to enjoy the blessing of the last five 
She was stuck 
He knew it 
He had tried to help her 
But she just seems to enjoy being where 
she was! 
What to do?

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