Her friend asked her for the most awkward gift ever

Her maternity gown

The one she was wearing at that very moment

Though they had been friends since their university days

The request stank!

Her maternity gown?

Her friend sensed her discomfort, told her it was very important that she gave her the gown immediately!

Her Friend: I had a dream about you, a very terrible dream! I ran to our shepherd in church and he prayed with me. He called the prophetess and she also prayed and said there was something terrible ahead of you but if I can come to the church with your maternity gown, the danger would be averted!

She didn’t fall for it!

She said “No.”

Her Friend: I had bought you a set of maternity gowns! Six of them. Imported from the UK as replacement. If you give me this gown I will be very grateful!

She said “No!”

Her friend changed the story.

Her friend: Please, give me the gown. What actually happened was a bit more complicated. I had a dream about you like I said, but in that dream I saw myself crying bitterly. I didn’t know why I was so terribly unhappy. You came to me and you asked me to stop crying. You said you will help me and you gave me a gown in that dream. I wore the gown immediately and I became very happy.

When I told my Shepherd the dream, he told me my spirit had shown me the solution to my barrenness. If you give me the maternity gown, some spiritual work will be done on it and I will be able to conceive. (Her friend knelt down and started crying) Please, help my situation!

She looked intently at her friend

They had gone through a lot together

Her friend was the one that introduced her to “Do As I Say” charm while they were in school.

The thing worked for a while until one of her boyfriends discovered the incantation in her bag and beat the living daylight out of her

Her friend, the one with the “Magic Powder” that broke the resistance of many men!

Her friend, the one who boasted that she can put 200 men in one candle and turn them to her personal zombies

Her friend!

She lifted herself slowly to her feet and waddled to her room

Her friend was happy she had convinced her.

Her friend clasped her hands together in a gesture of appreciation.

She got to her room and locked the door!

She put on the Air Conditioning System and promptly slept off!

Her friend waited for a long time.

Then she came to knock on the door to her room!

After knocking for so long without getting any response, she left.

Hours later, her husband arrived home from work

She told him everything

Her husband took the gift her friend brought outside the house and burnt them!

Her friend never came back

Two months later she delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl

Preparations started in earnest for the naming ceremony

Friends and relatives trooped in to celebrate with them

Her friend’s sister-in-law also heard and came to felicitate with her

They got talking

Her friend’s sister-in-law asked if her friend had come to visit

She said no!

She told her friend’s sister-in-law what happened between them

She had hardly finished the story when her friend’s sister-in-law went berserk

Her Friend’s Sister-in-law: Oh my God! Oh My God! I am dead! I will kill somebody! Somebody must die!!!

She didn’t understand what was going on. She calmed the young woman down.

“What is the problem?”

Her Friend’s sister-in-law: She came to my house that very night. She told me she was just coming from your place and that you were very tired and went to bed early because of your condition. She said she envied you and didn’t know pregnancy can make someone that tired. She said you forgot her in your sitting room. I laughed and told her I hoped I will be stronger than you when I get to your advanced stage of pregnancy. I was just twenty-weeks pregnant! I hadn’t told anybody except my husband!

She stayed overnight. Helped me with house chores and all sorts. She left the next morning at around 11 AM

I had not started showing, so I was still wearing my normal clothes

I didn’t notice that the gown I wore the previous day was missing until a few days later

I searched everywhere, I couldn’t find the gown and I forgot about it

A week later, I saw myself in a dream, wearing the gown and covered with blood

The next morning, I had a miscarriage!

That was seven weeks ago!

She laughed and shook her head determinedly 

"That witch does not know me.

I am from Ijebu!!!

I will go home for her!”

She did her best to calm the young lady down

After some hours the lady left

One month later, she heard the news!

Her friend suddenly ran mad!

She was not in the least concerned

A few months later, she saw her friend’s sister in law

Her friend’s sister-in-law was pregnant

She celebrated with her

Neither of them mentioned her friend

She really didn’t want to know what the young woman did or didn’t do

Perhaps her friend was the one who went too far

Who knows?