The young man waited until most of the nosy neighbors had gone to work

He had carefully thought through his plan the previous day

He began to meticulously execute his plan

He got the ladder from the garage, pitted it against the Main building’s kitchen balcony

And climbed

Once he got on the balcony, he took the spare key to the door and let himself into the kitchen

From the kitchen he went straight to the Master bedroom

The door was open, as he had hoped it would be

He entered and went straight to the wardrobe

The money was there

Fifteen bags of giant yellow and black striped polythene bags

Loaded with raw cash!

He saw his madam carry them in stealthily after midnight the previous night

He knew the bags had to contain raw cash

It was not the first time and there was no other logical explanation

His boss works informally in the oil sector

She lobbies for oil companies

Such payloads came in often when she was on a contract for foreign investors

She often had to “water the ground” in order to move her projects along

Nothing softens the ground like money

The contract she was pursuing needed to be signed that week

The cash was to ensure the file got to the right tables as quickly as possible

He wanted to take out a few notes from each wad of cash

But there were lots of wads and he didn’t have the luxury of time

He carried the wads one at a time and carefully threw them down the balcony

Once done, he removed the ladder and packed the cash in his “Ghana Must go” bag

It was quite heavy!

He dressed up hastily and carried the bag on his head

As soon as he left the compound, he avoided the major road

He navigated his way out of the estate through obscure footpaths

His main headache were the security men at the estate’s gate

They usually don’t search cars, but he was a registered domestic staff and they would most likely search his bag

He hadn’t planned that far ahead

Then a miracle!

Somebody parked ahead of him, honking his horn

He smiled

It was one of the young men who played football in the estate’s park

They exchanged greeting

The young man offered him a lift

He rode out of the estate into the sunset!

The young man dropped him at the nearest motor park

He took a taxi and disappeared into thin air

The woman got home from work and found her gate open

The security post was deserted

She knew immediately that the money was gone

She let herself in and verified her suspicion

She called the estate security, then the police

The estate security checked the CCTV footage

They saw the young man who drove out of the estate with the security man

The police swung into action

Arrested the young man

The young explained himself over and over

“He was going to the petrol station to buy some fuel

He saw the security man carrying a heavy load heading out of the estate

He offered him a lift and dropped him off at the nearest bus stop

He didn’t know anything about any money”

They searched his house, checked his account number

The police concluded he was a smart criminal

The young man was detained

The police also set detectives on the trail of the security guard

They checked the community usually inhabited by his tribesmen

They checked hotels, brothels, clubs, guest houses and other places

He had vanished

The young man was taken to court

The judge remanded him in custody pending the conclusion of the police investigation

The investigation went on and on

One month, five months, twelve months, seventeen months

The mother of the young man ran to the brother in Jeans and T-Shirt

“Please sir, my son’s niceness and neighborliness was his only guilt

His Father died ten years ago

The only thing of value he left us was our uncompleted building within the estate

My son drove a cab to sustain the family

My son is an honest man

I can vouch for him with my life!”

The young man in Jeans and T-Shirt asked her

“What exactly do you want?”

Woman: I want my son exonerated and compensated for this injustice, the police were just using him as a scape goat because they couldn’t do their job and find the real culprit.

Young man in Jeans and T-Shirt: Mama, what time is it?

Woman: 8pm

Young man in Jeans and T-Shirt: It will happen right now as we pray. He raised up his hands, magnified God, blessed his Holy name, prayed in tongues! A scripture came to his spirit, a phrase in the book of Kings “Where fell it”. He remembered the story of the lost Axe head 2 Kings 6:1-7 and he decreed. “Wherever this culprit is, right now, swim like the axe-head to the appropriate authorities. The word has located you and brought you forth! In Jesus name. Amen.”

That minute, In Ilorin (Six hours drive from where the crime was committed) the security guard startled awake from sleep. He looked everywhere for his “Ghana must go” bag and couldn’t find it. He raised alarm, claiming that the staff of the hotel where he was staying had stolen his money

The staff members denied it, claiming he didn’t come into their hotel with anything but the clothes on his back

The hotel manager called the police

They were all dragged to the police station

The security guard claimed he lodged into the hotel with a “Ghana must go” full of money and the bag had been stolen

The hotel staff claimed they never saw any money with him!

It was right there as they argued back and forth that her Madam came into the police station.

She came to town to see one of her clients. Because of the sensitive nature of her job, she sometimes used security details in strange cities (To discourage kidnappers). She had called ahead to make arrangements and only came to the station for her security details.

The security guard was immediately arrested.

The next day he was transferred to the police station where the theft case was being investigated

He told the truth

The young man was released by the judge the following day!

So where was the money?

He had buried it deep in the forest at Ogbomosho. He usually went there once a month to take some money for his upkeep. He never slept in any hotel twice and never went anywhere with the money.


PS: That night, the security guard didn’t know what came over him that made him think he had the money with him. He took the police to the spot where he buried the money and most of it was recovered. He had been remanded in police custody.

The young man was freed. The woman offered him a job as her personal assistant

The pay was very good. The woman also gave him a lump sum as a form of compensation


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