Four Points

Four Points

When I was younger, most crusades that 
were organized were done by Christian 
leaders who were not very wise 
(I mean no disrespect)
They would bring an ex occult member, 
an ex-witch, an ex-sorcerer, an ex-cultist 
to the crusade as the main speaker
That person would come and share 
His or exploits in darkness for hours
We will hear how enters trees and enter 
the realm of darkness through a river or 
a sea
We will hear of how he or she killed or 
destroyed destinies
Then the man will spend two minutes 
talking about his conversion
The problem with that rubbish 
was that it glorified the devil
As a child, it messed with my imagination 
and created undue fear of many things.
Till tomorrow they are still selling videos 
of ex-ogbanjes and making one woman 
spitting rubbish go viral.
We don’t know that what we listen to 
has an impact on our imagination
The main speaker at our crusades should 
be someone full of the Holy Spirit teaching 
us the mysteries of the kingdom! 
We shouldn’t allow an ex-wizard the room 
to boast in his or her past evil in anyway
We must not allow that evil to happen to 
the church again! 
We shouldn’t buy books written by witches 
telling gory tales anymore
We should master the life we have in Christ 
and our walk with the Holy Spirit, angels 
and ministering spirit
We don’t need to know darkness, evil and 
the devil
Many prayer books are full of these contents 
We have forgotten that what we read and 
listen to goes directly to our hearts
Many witches and occult members have 
confessed and become Christians through 
I am never interested in their exploits of 
the past
Old things must pass away, they have to 
learn the life of Christ now! 


Somebody died and said said he went to 
hell and you guys would believe that…
It is not impossible
Kenneth Hagen did
Pastor Chris did too
Look at their testimony and the work they 
are doing or did for the body of Christ
Look at the way they used the information 
and how they built 
One nobody will now claim to die and 
would come back from hell telling us the 
people he saw burning in the fire
What did Father Abraham tell the rich man 
in the story of Lazarus and the rich man as 
told by Jesus.
It is for lack of knowledge that many turned 
to cock and bull stories
Apostle Paul told Timothy and the church 
not to fall for such stories but itchy ears 
must be fed and if it is itchy it must eat pus
This is a new year
I know the gospel and nobody who has 
ever encountered me can say their life 
remained the same
The gospel is easy to learn
Take your Bible and led the Holy Spirit 
open your eyes to the revealed life your 
salvation brought you for free!
It is time to put away childish things and 
all those demon inspired prayer books of 
war and doom!
Let us grow in the knowledge of Christ that 
our path may shine


I got a call from a psychiatrist one Monday 
morning in 2017. He said a lady under his 
care is obsessed with me and I must as a 
matter of urgency block her and never see 
her again.
I said “Yes sir”
I was married and I never knew what this 
lady told that doctor
I also didn’t know her personally
I knew her on Twitter and she always 
commented on my thread and stories at 
the time
The next morning, I got her message 
asking that we meet somewhere or chat 
on WhatsApp
I logged out of Twitter for a month. 
I wasn’t scared but I know she needed 
to heal and my absence would help 
her heal
When I logged back into Twitter a month 
later, my DM was filled with all sorts of 
messages and images she had sent out 
of desperation which confirmed her 
doctor’s warning
She is well now and will be getting 
married on Saturday

PS: I didn’t unblock her 
I wrote this to inform us that many behind 
the phone are struggling with one thing or 
the other
A word, dragging, violence and other things 
could trigger them in a way that is too fatal 
to bear
Let us speak kind words and let us not look 
for offence! 
• • •