Give Love A Chance

Give Love A Chance

His friends were having a birthday bash

He had to be there

Babes will fall in

There would be good music and loads of fun

Plus he needed to go out and start mingling again

His surprise tactics on the previous Valentine’s day had boomeranged

His babe had asked him several times

"Would you be coming to my school on Valentine's day?"

Are we planning anything?

He had told her No!

Partly because he was expecting some money and he didn’t want to disappoint her

Again because he wanted to see her face light up as he popped the question

Will you marry me?

The money he was expecting came in

He bought the ring

Bought loads of provisions

She was in the final year on campus

He had just gotten employed at a brokerage firm

Valentine's day came

He went to her house

Saw her father

Saw her siblings

Where is so and so

Nobody knows

Her father said "She must be in school"

He got in the car, he wanted to do the needful in front of her entire family'

He got to her hostel

She was not there

One of her roommates told him to check an event centre

She said she was going to the Valentine's show

Maybe he would see her

He got to the event centre

Music, booze, crowd and a lot of noise

The season of love was in full gear

He scanned the crowd

Where could she be

He saw her, in a very obscure corner

Kissing a guy

He almost fainted

A lady he had been nurturing for four years

He kept his gaze on them

For almost fifteen minutes

A stare has a penetrating way of tingling its object

She eventually looked up and stared straight back at him

She almost went crazy

He saw her reaction

It was enough

He left

He got to her house

Removed his ring

Dropped the other items

Went home

It was hell

She called


What had she got to say

He had hoped on love

He had been severely dealt with

He kept to himself from then on

A daughter of Eve had bitten him with the venom of the serpent

It hurts real bad

He vowed never to go near the tree of love again

It hurts

His friends dragged him to the party

It had been six months

He needed to mingle again

The horse of love sometimes fell its rider

So what?

Get back on it and ride again

He just wasn't in the mood

But they dragged him out of his house

He decided he would attend but just to watch

Then she arrived

This beautiful girl

An undergraduate from a nearby university

She came with her friends

The moment he saw her

The venom flew out of his system

Oh, GOD!

She was the exact image of what he had pictured in his mind

She was it

Oh, God!

He walked up to her

He smiled

His friend introduced her

His friend: This is so and so

He: I will marry you (He didn’t plan to say it, it just came out)

She laughed

And just like that, they exchanged numbers

He went to her hostel

They became friends

She graduated and served

She got employed

They got married

They have been married for ten years

They have three boys

He said it was love at first sight

She said as soon as he spoke, she knew he was the one



No matter how badly you have been hurt by love, love has the uncanny ability to repair you.


Give love a chance!