Hustling is what it is in computer village

Some days are good

Some days are terrible

It is better than sitting at home

A lady came to him with a laptop

The battery was bad

Nobody has the spare

He: Leave that battery with me and your contact details

I will search for it and call you


Weeks later

A man came to him with the same laptop brand

The power pack was bad

He approached the man

A thought came to him

He: Sir, why don’t you sit down, give me the laptop

I will go and get the power pack for you



The man got home

Plugged his laptop

Discovered his battery had been changed

He couldn’t go back

He had travelled seventeen hours from his mission field to fix the laptop in Lagos

He cried

His work suffered

He has been shown Lagos


The hustler called the lady

Sold the battery for a huge amount

Counted that day as a good day for business

On his way home

He was picked up by policemen

They said he had IED?

Improvised Explosive Device? What!

They locked him up

He didn’t understand it


DPO came, he explained

DPO: Get someone to bail you

He called friends and family

Nobody showed up

He was transferred to Kirikiri

6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years

A missionary came to Kirikiri with prison ministers.


He recognised the missionary immediately

Missionary didn’t remember him

His body was full of sores and rashes

He told missionary what he did, begged for forgiveness

Missionary prayed with him, took up his case

He was released within a month.



He had never believed in God

All his life he had scorned believers

Laughed at the sheeple

He believes now without any doubt

He didn’t need to be preached to

God hustled him.