Somebody made jest of him once

The person had no malicious intention

The person was a comedian, one of those less talented ones who thought insulting people was what comedy was about

He had been invited by his wife to attend his wife’s company’s end of the year party

He was not a guest of honour

Just the significant other

He wanted to sit with his wife and make her day

Then the lousy comedian started yapping

The comedian yapped at everything and everybody

He didn’t find it funny

So the comedian turned on him because he wasn’t laughing

Called him a serial killer or a psychopath

He swallowed his retort

Then the surprise of the night was unveiled

His wife was named as the staff of the year

She dragged him to the stage with her

Handed him the microphone to say thank you

He spoke for seven minutes

The comedian was sacked afterwards

Apologies were made by the organizers to their guests

The comedian never recovered!

His appeal against the antics of the comedian wrecked a five year career!

Just like that

He volunteered his services to compeer the event

The organization readily accepted

He did it with class

The occasion was a great success

He had the gift

He brings words to life

Either in writing or in speech

He was not only compelling, his listeners seemed hypnotized

As he delivered cleverly woven words to the delight of many

It was the gift that brought him his wife

She heard him speak once and that was it

The gift had also brought him many admirers all over the world

Some close friends of his called him the “Silver tongue”

Politicians took interest in him

Why not come and work for us

He said NO!

Why not come and consult for us

He said NO!

Ok. Why not be a keynote speaker in some of our conventions

He said No!

He hated politics

Politics is every shade of evil plus one in his opinion

It drives people crazy all by itself

If someone like him begins to talk politics

It would be like setting fire to gunpowder

The Hitler effect!

No way!

He had a friend who also had the gift

The friend is from his country

But from a different tribe

Half of the time his friend was ramping up rhetoric and lies! Fueling the vehicle of hate, ethnicity, division, bigotry and falsehood

His friend made a name for himself

Many believed in him, saw him as a messiah

He capitalized on a lack of closure on the nation’s history

Sold talks and fables only the simple ought to buy

He started a movement

Gained followers

Leveraged on the social media

Conjured false videos and evidences

Became a folk hero

Became a political tool

Politicians celebrated his friend

For his large followership base

The sort of crowd they went to big churches to talk to

The sort of crowd they dressed up on a Friday to pray with

The sort of crowd they spent so much to bring to a politically rally

His friend could summon with the snap of a finger

His friend became a means to an end

An enemy of some and a friend of others

His followers were from everywhere

Criminals, the unhinged, the unsettled and the foolish

Some of his followers took his word as the gospel

Some killed and others died for the cause

A cause he sold in words but had no belief in

This was why he became the belle of the politicians

If they can catch the head of the snake

Its body will fall in line

The crowd was the currency of his friend

He was their messiah, their champion

They do whatever he wanted and much more

They pushed and pushed until his friend fell into a ditch

But a cult hero can never lose out

In prison he was Mandela, out of prison he was Gandhi

Peace and security became collateral damage for his followers

His friend needed to be silenced

He was!

One day he was making noise, the next his followers were claiming he had been killed

He didn’t know what to think

A gift that was supposed to benefit humanity

Had led to the death of thousands

Aggravated ethnic and religious divides

Made a victim of many

And now turned full cycle against its owner

He did his best to find out what happened to his friend

Reliable sources claimed he was alive but in hiding

Yet the snake’s body writhed and lived

The dragon his friend fathered had been taken over by the nightwalkers

Death to all men!

For many months he heard nothing from his friend

Another political season came

Politicians roused from their inadequacies to pander their lies and deceit once more

And Boom!

His friend surfaced!

They called him the risen one!

Likened him to Jesus Christ!

But the timing of his resurrection proved a salient point

This messiah resurrected to do Pilate’s bidding

Or the high priests’ bidding

Even his own bidding

The one thing he didn’t rise to do

Was save the people!