His baby was diagnosed as asthmatic at two years old

He didn’t understand it

It was true that the baby’s lips suddenly grew very black and he was gasping for breath

But he had prayed

While the mother was pregnant with the baby

He prayed for many nights

Binding and losing

He had sinus issues. 

His mother was asthmatic

And the genetics of the child pointed towards both tendencies

He knew how sinuses dealt with him

His mother had been carrying inhaler about since forever

He wanted a brand new path for his children

The Word gave him the authority over human genome issues

He laid hands on the pregnancy

Declared the word of God

"You shall be protected from sinuses, asthma and other hereditary issues in the name of Jesus"

He was persistent and he believed God heard him

How come his baby was always In and out of the hospital?

One foolish doctor first diagnosed a heart disease

He rebuked it

The diagnosis was wrong

But this expert was practically telling them there was no cure

Their child would have to be managed to survive

No rugs, socks on the legs and gloves on both hands, no fans and no air conditioning

"Use balm on him every time, sweaters, thermal wears were his best friends and keep him away from dust"

His apartment had rug everywhere

He pulled them off and threw them away

He bought a modifier

He wore socks and gloves for his son, used balm

Nothing worked!

He had to buy both the dry and the breath actuated inhalers

His son started packing inhalers to school from the age of three

Wearing sweaters all the time

He was very disappointed with God

After all the prayers!

His younger brother came to his house one day, saw all the inhalers and the sweaters

He screamed “Bro, are you mad? What are you doing?”

He didn’t know how to respond

They were both born again Christians

His younger brother was the one that led him to Christ

He had towed the path of faith

But faith had failed


He had to start listening to his doctors now

He loved his son and he didn’t want to lose him

Plus, his younger brother was always safe with his own family when the crisis starts in the middle of the night

He had rushed the boy to the hospital several nights to use nebulizer when he couldn’t breathe

In fact the doctor had advised him to buy a nebulizer for keeps at home

He said the boy would need it all the days of his life

From the year the diagnosis was made he did everything the doctor ordered

At least twice every year his son would be rushed to the emergency room

Sometimes under very dangerous circumstances

Doctors kept telling him it can only be managed, not cured!

One day he got fed up

He had worked all day and got home very late into the night

His wife rushed in while he was just getting to sleep

‘’He has started again” She screamed

He ran to their room

His son was breathing with difficulty

He was wheezing and heaving

To make matters worse, he was also crying!

He looked at his son’s dilemma

It almost wrenched his heart out

"Jesus! Is this how my son will live his life?

Always at the mercy of Asthma?

Not able to run, play, sleep or do anything like any other normal person?

Susceptible to premature death all the days of his life?


He laid his hands on the boy

He prayed

"Lord Jesus, I command this asthma to go away!"

He waited

The asthma persisted!


He remembered that he was supposed to talk to the mountain

He laid his ears on the young boy’s heart

It was beating very fast

He said “Heart I command you to slow down, air ways I command you to clear, let every inflammation and triggered part of your body return to their normal state now in the name of Jesus!

He paused and listened to the heart beat!

It started slowing down


The boy was still wheez…..

 it slowed down too!

And then it was gone

The cough stopped suddenly, the boy jumped on the bed and promptly slept off

He fell on his knees

His sleepy eyes wide open

What just happened?

He sat down and watched his son all night

Perhaps it may come back or there might be a relapse

He didn’t know when he slept off

It never came back

The mountain heard…And moved!

Jesus demolished every stronghold! Hallelujah!

Since his son was born in 2011

That was the first year he did not visit the hospital at least thrice and admitted once for Asthma attack!

The next morning as his son dressed for school, he decided he would like to observe him some more

He called his office and took permission to be off work

He stayed at home with his son, observing him

 They watched TV and did some writing exercises

The asthma attack never returned!

That night of 13th July 2017 marked the end of Asthma in the boy’s life

As they approached 2018 he prepared as he always did

Socks, gloves, balms, nebulizer, menthols, hot flasks and so on

But the rainy season came and has now began to wane without any asthma attack




PS: The young man had been free of Ashtma for 15 months

No wheezing, heaving or chocking

Whenever the boy coughs he would just snap his fingers and rebukes the cough

The cough would fizzle out

There was a time when one quarter of his fridge was dedicated to all sorts of medicine

Not anymore!

His son was set free by the power of the Holy Ghost

If you have anybody who is chronically ashtmatic around you

Pray for such now

Say "Lord Jesus, I command this asthma (OR ANY OTHER AILMENT, NO MATTER HOW CHRONIC) disease to leave this body and never return, i command the air ways to open and all the inflammations to reverse in the name of Jesus! I command this ailment to leave now inthe name of Jesus! I command the power of the Holy Spirit to take away every disease from this body in Jesus name!


I have prayed for you before posting this story, no stranger would stay in your bosy after you have read it, no affliction or disease would retain its hold after you have prayed! The name of Jesus is no respecter of distance and space. Your healing rain has started, be healed in the name of Jesus!!!