Wicked Heart

Wicked Heart


She: I don't mean to be rude but you are being dismissive.

He: There is nothing I can do to help you.

She: How can you watch someone else's life go down in flames and claim you cannot do anything about it?

He: Okay, what do you want me to do?


He had just been elected the SUG President

This was the first test of his strength in office.

He did as she asked.

Miraculously the school authority agreed.

They overturned the verdict.

She was the first student ever to enjoy that privilege.

He: Thank your friend.

He was happy he intervened

Her mother died weeks after her matriculation

He was at the funeral

She took it badly

Started skipping classes, smoking cannabis.

Everybody tried to help

She was determined to jump off a cliff

She had her way

Now her friend had bought her a second chance

He forgot all about her

Life on campus is very fast

Academic sessions don't sleep.

Her friend came to him.

She was weeping and gnashing her teeth

What happened?

She: My father will kill me

He: I don't understand, what did you do?

She: My life is over, my destiny is ruined!

She: It started last semester after you intervened in the case of so and so.

I decided she needed to be assisted academically. I tried to get her interested in studying to no avail.  Parties, drugs and pimping our fellow students to sugar daddies became her lifestyle.

She invited me over to her house to spend the mid-semester break

I obliged.

Instead of taking me home, she took me to a place in Lekki

I was raped by several men. They took my pictures since then, I have been the one writing her tests and exams for her.

He: I don't understand.

She: I write her name and matric number on all my answer scripts for tests and exams and she writes mine.

She says If I tell anybody, my pictures will go viral. She blackmailed me and I couldn't risk the exposure.

He: What! And you kept all this to yourself?

She: She deleted all the pictures yesterday in my presence after our semester results were pasted and I failed all my courses. I don't know how to explain away having an extra year. (She showed him her result)

She said she does not need my services anymore, but ...

He: But what?

She: Do you know so and so? The best female student in our class

He: Yes

She: I overheard her telling some friends that she has been invited to spend this weekend with her before going home for vacation. I know the fate that awaits that poor girl, that is why I am here.

He: Please come with me, we have to report this now.

She: No! I don't want my name involved in this, I don't want people looking at me like I'm a victim, treating me like a soiled dove. The rape stigma will alter the course of my destiny. Please keep me out of this

She left.


He was at sea.

He had no evidence to support these allegations.

He went to their faculty, checked the results.

He spoke with some of their classmates.

He found her at the cafeteria.

He: I heard some things, I wanted to confirm if they are true.

She:  What did you hear? If you trouble me, I will rain down hell on all of you! I am no longer a victim whose fate you can determine at your SDC. I am now in charge of my destiny.

He: You didn't even hear what I had to say.

She: Mr! Just walk away.

He did.

Minutes later

Her handbag was stolen inside the cafeteria.

She made a mental note to report the theft the next morning before travelling to Lagos.

5 a.m the next morning,

Campus security flooded their hostel.

They started searching the bags of all the students

Her stolen handbag surfaced from underneath her mattress

Drugs and a handgun were found inside

She claimed she was set-up

Nobody believed her

She was handed her over to the police

He went to see her in jail

She: Please, help me, I know nothing about this

He: I know

She: Will you help me?

He: How could I? You executed the perfect crime, practically ruined the life of a friend who gave an arm and a leg to get you a second chance. You were also planning to ensnare another student! Do you think SUG Presidents are saints?