Growths Disappear

Growths Disappear


My first encounter with supernatural 
healing was when I was about 
8 years old. I had these really 
painful growths all over the fingers 
of my right hand which is my 
dominant hand. This made it really 
hard to grip things and generally 
use the hand. I told my mum and 
She immediately said "we will pray 
and the growth will disappear". 
I believed her because she said it 
with so much confidence.

We prayed immediately and I don't 
know when exactly the growths 
disappeared but they did and now 
over 25 years later, they have never 
This has shaped my view of healing 
and I have taught it to 
my daughter who is just a little 
under 5 years old.

Apart from vaccinations and general 
health check-ups, we have not had 
a reason to visit the hospital. 
She has formed a habit of praying 
for her friends when they are sick 
and she expects and sees results.

We recently visited a family friend 
whose infant was very sick. This had 
gone on for well over a month 
before we heard. On getting to 
the hospital, my daughter kept 
saying "mummy, pray, so they can 
go home". 
I immediately asked her to lay 
her hands on the boy and we prayed.

She told the boy's mum "you'll 
go back home soon, my mummy 
has prayed" I was wowed! 
Three days later, the boy was 
discharged and has been fine 
ever since. When I shared the news, 
she said 
"Yes, Jesus heals!" Her faith is 
the boost I need most times 
when I feel discouraged.

Ps. 8:2a says "out of the mouths 
of babes and sucklings hast thou 
ordained strength." 
In Mark 16: 17&18, Jesus Christ 
asked us to lay our 
hands on the sick and they will 
recover, therefore, I lay my hands 
on the sick and they recover.

Above is an encounter of Supernatural 
Healing as shared by @Tdunsine. 
Don't just read this, practice, 
replicate and let it fan into flames 
the fire of God burning in your hearts. 


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