Sir, I just saw a mad man'.
The statement took me unawares. 
It wasn't because mad Men were a 
rare sight, but because it had no 
connection with what we had been 
'Where is the mad man? ', I asked, 
still wondering where this was going.
' He was sitting in the gutter, 
by the express, somewhere around 
the estate between Presco Junction 
and the Teaching Hospital. 
We just passed him'

I was a bit hesitant to ask the 
next question, though I had gradually 
slowed the car down.
'Why are you drawing attention to 
this particular mad man? I'm sure 
it's not the first time you are 
seeing one'
The reply came and confirmed my 
'Sir, please I'd like us to go back. 
I'd like to pray for him to be healed'
It was a normal Sunday evening. 
Church service in the morning had 
been amazing at Dominion City 
It was a few weeks after we 
finished a short 'Healing School' 
training where we taught believers 
how to heal the sick using timeless 
principles from the word of God which 
had been taught at diverse times by 
Rev David Ogbueli.
The school which was the first of its 
kind, had been amazing. 
There were practical sessions and 
some mind-blowing miraculous 
expressions of the Spirit of God. 
Breasts lumps disappeared on the spot 
and a crippled man who was carried in 
got up and started walking and running, 
as the students put in practice the 
principles that had been taught.
The students that did the training 
had gone into the city afterwards, 
proclaiming the gospel of Jesus 
with demonstrations of His power. 
Evangelism had become a real thrill.
This particular Sunday evening was 
generally quiet. I had been invited 
to fellowship with New Covenant 
Family (NCF) EBSU, Presco campus, 
being Pastored by Pastor Ezeme 
Kingsley Nelsy. 
So I decided to go with 3 of the 
brethren that had gone through the 
training and have them share their 
It was fun really, and of course 
the Holy Ghost was present, confirming 
His word with signs and miracles even 
in the hands of the brethren.
This is the heartbeat of God..
That His people will step out and 
begin to do the things He commanded... 
Preaching the gospel, raising the 
dead, casting out Devils and 
healing the sick.
This is not one man's gift or ministry.. 
It is the gift and ministry of every 
God is not interested in superheroes. 
This is not the season of one Moses 
carrying the rod and being followed by 
3million who look up to him and depend 
on him to do the miracle and talk to 
God on their behalf.
No! This is the season of 'The Body'.. 
This is the Joshua generation. 
Where there is a company of priests... 
Each one carrying the same power.
It is not the season of one great man 
of God with' anointing ' and everyone 
travelling to see him.
No.. It is the season of THE BELIEVER!
So if you are saved... Step out... 
Start preaching the gospel... 
Lay your hands on the sick. 
Show forth the resurrected Christ.
The Fellowship ended around 6 and 
we all got into my car and left. 
I was with Brother Arthur Nwasor, 
Brother Clement Omokafe Agume and 
Sister Id Udo.
We discussed the exciting fellowship 
we just had and how God just showed 
It was in the middle of this gist 
that Sister Id suddenly said 'Sir, 
I just saw a mad man'.
'Sir, please I'd like us to go back. 
I'd like to pray for him to be healed'
Without another word, I stopped the car, 
did a U- turn. On reaching the point 
where she had seen the mad man, 
I parked and looked across the road, 
and there he was. He was the classical 
picture of them ;unkempt with rags 
and bushy short dreadlocks.
I had barely parked when the doors 
opened and these three brethren that 
were with me jumped out. 
It seemed to me like they had been 
looking forward to some kind of 
Encounter like this.
Well... I'd never prayed for a 
mentally ill person before then, 
and I was not about to go and try 
to form superhero. So I stayed in 
the car and waited for their return. 
(Afterall, I was supposed to be 
some kind of coach, abi?) :-)
So I sat in the car relaxed as 
I heard their voices intermittently 
making commands in the name of Jesus.
10 minutes later, I heard the sound 
of feet running across the road. 
Suddenly the shadow cast by the 
impact of the setting sun on 
Sister Id's frame covered me.
I looked up to see her smiling 
and panting.
'Situation report sir', she said 
excitedly while trying to catch 
her breath.
'Yes? '...
"Sir.. His head is cleared. 
He has been healed. 
He even told us his name and 
all his siblings. Sir, he confessed 
Jesus and asked him to be the Lord 
of his life'.
Her excitement overwhelmed me. 
I immediately got up and followed 
her across the road to where the 
former mad man sat, still dressed 
in rags. 
A little interaction with him 
made it clear that the omnipotent 
God had once again ordained Praise 
by the hands of babies, setting a 
captive free.
The next few minutes happened 
very fast. 
We took the young man who had 
told me his name but who I'd 
like to call Obichukwu, and 
got him into the car, heading 
back to town.
While one brother made arrangement 
for clothes, and the Sister went 
to get food, we were joined 
Sister Favor who made arrangements 
for water while Brother Myles joined 
and took it upon himself to give 
Brother Obi a thorough bath 
(after he had received a haircut).
In the twinkling of an eye, a life 
had been totally transfigured.
All these happened because an 
ordinary group of believers 
decided to take Jesus at His 
word and lay hands on the sick, 
believing that if they didn't 
fail in doing their part, Jesus 
wouldn't fail in doing his.
You can do the same...
Take the risk.. 
Lay your hands... 
Use His name.. 
Freely you have received.. 
Freely give!

Two days later, God miraculously 
connected us to obiChukwu's family 
in far away Anambra state. 
We learnt that the young man had 
been missing for some years.
God is truly amazing...

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ignites you, please share)