She grieved for some years after 
her husband passed on
She decided to give dating a chance 
four years after
She was so used to having someone 
in her life 
She felt half alive without a man
She joined a dating site 
Dated few guys at different times
It didn't work out
One wanted only sex
Another was always asking for money
Some just stopped calling or chatting 
by the second time
They all ended within few months
She was introduced to a widower 
while attending an apostolic ministry 
in her neighbourhood 
The widower was also a member 
He was not interested from the word go
His interest was on a much younger girl 
that he seemed attached to
She was always half depressed and 
half strong to carry on
She liked the comment of a mutual friend 
of the widower on Facebook one day
Mutual friend immediately sent her a 
friend request 
He started a chat with her after she 
accepted the request
This guy was married
He was friendly and very patient 
listening to her
He made her feel very comfortable 
She had the feeling of someone being 
there for her
In few weeks their handshake had 
extended beyond the elbow 
She had hope again or so she thought
One thing led to another and she 
got pregnant!
The first option was to get rid of it
Another option was to keep it
She had been having strange dreams that 
she died through an accident that crushed 
her stomach
The dream recurred three different times
She didn't pay much attention to it 
She confirmed the pregnancy after the 
third dream
The option of abortion scared her when 
she thought of death
Having a baby while still a widow is 
She weighed the options
Considered the sin, shame, death, finance, 
loneliness, and so many factors attached 
to the two options
She did not want to die
She chose to keep the baby
Guy was mad about her choice
He did not want anything to do with 
the pregnancy 
He gave millions of reasons why she 
should not keep it
He is married
He is a friend of her ex
He had four children from his marriage 
He is not planning to take a second wife
At some point, he started threatening her 
that he will never forgive her
He will never have anything to do with 
the child and her forever
He would do this
He would do that
Her mind was made up
She is keeping the child
The relationship strained naturally 
She told her siblings about her pregnancy 
before she started showing
Her siblings took it badly
She was rejected 
Rumours and gossip went round the estate 
she was living in at that time
The office gossip was the worst of all
Friends she thought would stay by her 
insulted her
They kept their distance
Was she half depressed before?
She fell into full depression 
How she got through it all was beyond 
her understanding 
She almost gave up during the delivery 
of the baby
Everybody wore the wig of a judge
Even at the maternity center she used
The matron that attended to her was hostile
The matron beat her during labour 
Saying she was not cooperating with 
the delivery process
She could not afford a private hospital 
The General Hospital too would cost 
some money
Her sister convinced her to use the 
community health centre
Her sister assured her that the staff 
there were skilled in maternity matters
No one told her the matrons were
 aggressive and hostile to women in 
She was used to the pampering and 
care of private hospitals
At some point during labour 
she was set to give up
She stopped going with the flow of the 
labour when the matron slapped her cheek 
in anger and punched her on both knees
Somehow the baby delivered himself 
without her pushing
No tear no cut 
3.5kg bouncing baby boy!
God is indeed Awesome!!!
She testified that his delivery was the 
easiest of her three boys 
One of her office sisters introduced her 
to GSW stories
She told the sister that she also loves 
to write
She wished her story would be published 
on the GSW website
The sister encouraged her to reach out 
to GSW
She chatted him up and he asked to 
read her stories
He commended her write up and shared 
them on his blog
Later on she decided to pay him a visit 
at his church after one Sunday service
He welcomed her like he had known 
her forever 
That pure love she had never known 
from anyone before
He prayed with her and encouraged her 
to always keep in touch
One day depression was setting in
She chatted him up whining about her 
She wants to marry again
Her baby father had totally 
cut her off
She wanted this
She wanted that
Bla bla bla...
He was like an angel sent to her
He didn't chastise 
He didn't condemn
He didn't judge
He didn't even preach!
He spoke softly and caringly 
"Life happens when you are busy 
making other plans"
He encouraged her to be less desperate 
about marriage and other "worldly" things 
He assured her things would fall in 
place gradually 
She joined the Telegram prayer group 
through a link he shared
She began to see God's wonders 
in her life
She gained confidence in herself 
She started walking in miracle, 
grace, and favor. 
She no longer sees the insecure lady 
of the past
The desperation for worldly needs 
no longer have meaning to her
She seeks for the matters of the Kingdom 
and every other are adding to it. 

Praise the Lord!

Abike, 2019

PS: I cried reading this
I remember writing a piece about
how mean society is to widows
and single parents
Abike wrote to me at the time saying
"What happens when I want to
be cuddled, have sex or need
physical intimacy?"
I didn't have a good answer for her
Biological needs don't care if you
are a widow or a single parent
The night is tough and hope is scarce
But I do know the Holy Spirit
I know He can be all we desire to us
if we give him a chance
Reading this story made me so proud
May God bless and keep Abike
May God bless and keep her children
May the Holy Spirit be her warmth
in the cold 

GSW's notes: Please pay attention to the
widows, widowers, the fatherless and the
motherless around you
Don't maltreat or ignore their cries
Whatever you can do to make their
life better, please do!
Remember that you were also adopted
into this Kingdom and must not forget
the darkness you were purchased from
by the blood of Jesus