Son of Yahweh

Son of Yahweh

Near mount Olives where an odious living 
hill used to be
There he laid in the underground cave 
wrecking havoc
His life was infused with the malevolent 
hill such that they became one
Grounded into tiny specks and flushed 
to his blood
A giant of a criminal he became 
terrorising the whole land
For none can bear as he shook the 
inhabitants with fear.

Oh happy days!
For the occupying foreigners have 
restrained him
Bound in shackles and kept behind bars 
of iron
Night and day he shouted with vigor 
in the prison
The sound and echo tore the unseen veil of 
the prison whispering beautiful songs 
to the Pharisees 
Even the beasts have their moments of 
lure etched in the far away stars.

Deliberations among the jury to discharge 
the lesser of the two evils
Full votes in favour of the roaring beast
For beasts can be tamed or killed
But a preposterous notion being conveyed by a 
human claiming to be a son of Yahweh cannot 
go unpunished 
It must be rapidly quenched with all their 
powers, for they are the custodians of the 
restricted access to Yahweh
Yes, he must die!

The iron chains fell off from the ankles 
and wrists of the beast
He stepped forward in joyous celebrations 
salivating at his freedom
So he wondered who the fall-guy was
A turning of his head showed someone
being tightly tied with the iron chains 
that he was released from
He knew the appearance of evil if he 
saw one
This wasn't it
Oh wow, they would certainly judge an 
innocent man

Crucify him! Crucify him!! Crucify him!!!
The crowd bellowed with their might
Barabbas walked happy to be free yet greatly 
disturbed and concerned for the innocent man 
who had taken his place
Well, there are plenty more Romans to kill
But he couldn't shake off the thoughts of 
the man
In him he sensed redemption for all the 
people, and for him in particular 
Perhaps he cried, and cried and cried. 

For God has given us eternal life, and 
this life is in His son, Jesus. 
Come to Him today