I See yYou

I See yYou

I see you all alone wandering and lost
Moving along the delicate plains in the 
wilderness of unknown abounding with 
fumes of melancholy
With numerous strong trenches filled with 
pegs sharp enough to cut through the 
human souls
The mountain of unforgiveness huge 
enough to permanently tilt the scale of 
life on the side of sadness
It's a sorry state, a needless one.

I see you calmy seated at the flood plains
You watch as the stream meanders along
It sways from side to side daringly
Solomon's concubines would stand with 
arms akimbo and lips parted wide because 
their hips could not gyrate enough to 
eclipse the swaying stream
At a minute you were quiet, in the next 
your anger burns like sulfur and brimstone
Like the expulsion of hot red lava from the 
interior of the earth
Causing incalculable and irredeemable damages

I see you in your frail state looking hopeless
Clinging to life that is rapidly ebbing from you
It's like the sea shore waves -- it deposits life 
to the shore and retrieves it to the ocean at 
the right time
You feel it so near as you even drown in fear
A life where nothing has been achieved but 
for it to be snatched away from you in a cruel 
Depression and regret interwoven.

But I also feel, see, hear, and breathe freedom
Like a happy child playing in the open cloud in 
the dusk while the rain drizzles and flood light 
shines brightly
Oh, the intersection of light rays and rain 
creating a spectacular view!
It's the heap of unending joy from the heavenly 
aquifer sourced from the Spirit

You needn't have to burn in anger when it can 
be doused permanently
You needn't have to asphyxiate in sorrow when 
happiness could be the daily routine
You needn't have to fear death when eternal 
life is a viable option
Choose life and live
Choose Jesus
Come as you are.