It came as a thought
A time-travel machine wearing 
the garb of a memory
To the past I journeyed. 

I remember that day clearly
Serving my Father land in a faux 
military uniform
The thought of how big God was 
stayed on my mind like a shadow 
glued to its object 

How big are you Lord? 

My mind wanted to snap while thinking 
of this
Humongous, gigantic, enormous, 
innumerable, indescribable, quality, 
quantity, unsearchable.
Words are truly not enough.

If I viewed the beauty and blueness of 
the earth from space, it only tells a tiny 
fragment about you.
If I stood on Orion-- one of the arms of 
the spiral-galactic milky way-- to look afar, 
all I would see is your glory. 

The main players of the Local Group -- 
Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies -- 
gyrate in your splendour as they orbit 
the centre mass.
A collision is imminent they say, but 
there is no mistake with you, not in 
your works dear Lord! 

You have individually positioned hundreds 
of billions of stars in the galaxies
The stars sparkle to your glory. 

There he is, reigning before the start 
of time.
He's immeasurable by any metrics, and 
he's everywhere at everytime.
No equation could fashion him out

God living in humans and fashioned a 
new species
The God-kind species 
The greatest miracle ever
The greatest show of love
I sing eternally about this gift, Father
I rave about you Yeshua 

Just come as you are and pour your 
heavy heart before him. 
Exchange your load with his own.
Don't tarry again! Today is the day of salvation

1 John 5:12 NIV
Whoever has the Son has life; whoever 
does not have the Son of God does 
not have life.