Some of us are so carried away by miracles that we don't know that while miracles testify of the power of God, they do not necessarily lead men to salvation.

Kathryn Kuhlman once healed a paraplegic lady from a wheelchair and the lady ended up sleeping with many members of the ministry to the extent that it became a scandal.

When Kathryn invited the lady over to find out what the issue was, she said "I spent a long time in the wheelchair and didn't get to enjoy myself as I have been doing in the last few months."

It was reported that the lady refused to get saved and change her ways.  Kathryn Kuhlman was ashamed to add her testimony to the pool of extraordinary testimonies she wrought by the power of the Holy Spirit.

For that reason, signs and wonders are meant to lead you to salvation and when you get saved you are supposed to grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ (according to Peter) and be transformed by the renewal of your mind (according to Paul).

The scriptures are the examples that are set for us and in them we saw no example of the Apostles praying against altars and shrines They simply shut such things down!

I was an undergraduate when we went to minister at Oluponna Village, sometime, early 2008. The house of the chief occultist in the village had a stone on which black oil was poured daily in the worship of Esu (the god of mischief), according to Yoruba tradition. I grew up in Yoruba culture, so, I knew what the stone represented.

When we got to the man's house, I put a plywood on the stone and, sat on it. I was tired and needed to rest. The old man came out and almost had a heart attack.  He said "Who are you, how can you sit there? Even I who worship the idol wouldn't dare touch it without washing my hands with the blood of an animal.”

I just laughed and said, "I came from Jesus, sir; such things can't harm me." The man gave his life to Jesus that day. His son, older than me by 4 years is now a pastor with a church at Ogudu in Lagos. Both of them got saved that day.

If we are the Epistles that the world now reads according to Paul, we cannot be fearful and praying from the mindset of pagans.

A Christian man or woman will carry mantle and anointing oil and pour it everywhere as protection against evil; a juju man or woman will carry a charm everywhere as protection against evil; how then is Christianity different?

This is why some came up with, "we are serving the same god."

Some Christians also say this and they are wrong because Jesus is enthroned over the church, the church is His kingdom and those who don't embrace the gift of salvation are not members of the church and therefore cannot claim to have any affiliation with Jesus. There can never be a collaboration between light and darkness.

If coming to Christ does not lead to a transformed life that becomes an epistle for the world to read, then your testimony of whatever is a waste.

Imagine praying to have a child and getting one, only for the child to turn out to be an assassin. Of what good is that testimony? I know people who got married and claimed it was a miracle only to divorce a few months or years later!

I know those who got a job that they claimed was a testimony only to land in jail after a few months or years.

A true testimony is the reality of the life of one who was once in darkness and after becoming a believer gets transformed so much that the hordes of darkness tremble before him.

A true testimony is one in which the beneficiary lives in perpetual bliss afterwards, not get a blessing and start struggling all over again.

I know believers who go to pastors and Prophets to get a testimony only to maintain a lifestyle of sin. Some of them have these so-called pastors on speed dial.

I know some who get the blessing of pastors to move drugs abroad without being caught by the authorities.

I walk in power and miracles, if you are in doubt, you can pay a visit to out online churches or attend any of our meetings.

 I train the church of Jesus Christ how to walk in the supernatural and we do this effortlessly but I know miracles are nothing but a signpost that would lead men to salvation.

Salvation must lead to growth through knowledge; miracles are glorious but if they don't lead to repentance and growth they are like lost treasures.

The goodness of God must lead men to repentance and then they must ask "What must I do to be saved?" After leading them to Christ, you fill them with the Holy Spirit and keep them in the word (not enemy consciousness, fear mongering and occultic testimonies).

The gospel then sets itself upon the heart of such a man and heals him completely by transforming his reality from darkness to light. When you have this, you have a true testimony.

I know a lady who got a prophecy when she was 17, that her husband would come from the USA. When she turned 28, the prophecy was fulfilled and she relocated with him to the USA.

Ten years later, they parted ways and she married another man. The man had ended up blind and crippled. The testimony didn't lead to transformation for both of them, it was just a blip on their radar.

Remember this the next time you want to claim that “fall down and die prayers are valid in Christianity."

There is no scripture supporting such in the New Testament, this is why its advocates stick to the Old Testament to validate their misguided religious mindset.

Jesus told John that he should jot call down fire on the Samaritans because of the manner of spirit in him; but you will see one Dundee claiming the scripture says, "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life and suffer not the witch to live, etcetera.”

The reality of such believers is battle infected! They have no rest. I had to wean my mother off it a year ago. After 40 years in the faith, she was still talking of attacks and battles while I was enjoying all the benefits of salvation and growing in knowledge.  She had seen witches bow before me several times and yet...

So, I told her to compare her Christian walk with mine and truthfully state who has a better result. She said, "You do."

I then said, "then you should imitate me ma."

She said, OKAY and from that day all the terrible dreams and nightmares she had been experiencing stopped!

Christ is my rest, not my battle axe. He gave me a victor's mandate not a warrior's quest.

Does this mean I don't pray? Oh no! I do pray, many times all night but my prayers are not as a reaction against the enemy but to bring the plan of God to the world of men by the Spirit.

I have the kind of result that millions of pastors are fasting and praying to get but couldn't because they are praying wrong!

They bring occultic reality and prayers to church and set the church in confusion by instilling fear in their members. They want to be seen as a praying church but they are like the Prophets of Baal.

What I can have while thinking alone, they will pray and cry and fast for days and still not have it, why? Their understanding is corrupted. They acknowledge evil and preach about idols even though the Bible says Idols are nothing.

They don't know who they are!

Psalm 82!