For those writing to me saying I have had a soft life and know nothing about spiritual warfare, let me say this- I was first fed in the dream at the age of 5, I woke up that morning at our house in Iyana church in Ibadan and stole 50 kobo from my daddy's wallet; I was caught and flogged.

After the beating my daddy begged me and told me that if I needed anything, all I was to do was just ask him.

I cannot explain what came over me from that moment. I started stealing like crazy.

I could have died many times over because of the malady.

I stole everywhere and from everyone, I was that child that the mother would take to a church for deliverance and would end up stealing from the offering box.

Every time the desire to steal waned, I would get fed in the dream again and I'd resume stealing without restraint.

Twice I would have lost my life- once at the market gate in Ibadan, I was a student of Loyola college then and as I was walking to school, I saw a stall with bread on the stand; the bread seller was sweeping and I grabbed a loaf of bread instinctively. I ran, was chased, caught and beaten very well but an old woman came to my rescue just as people were bringing tyres and petrol to burn me alive. This was in 1993.

The second time happened in Oyo Town. My parents were counseled to place me in a boarding house with the hope that this would cure me of stealing but it didn't. I stole from a senior's locker and got caught.  I was “baptised" as they called it then and I spent two days in the hospital. I almost lost my left eye as a result of this and I could have died too.

Did that stop me? No! The churches I was taken to said it was from my father's house and I should stay away from there. I did.

I didn't stop stealing though, I was that guy that would steal an inhaler, a used perfume, ankara shirt that I didn't need and all sorts of junk. My father disowned me several times.

I tried to stop but everything the desire waned; I would be fed in the dream by this strange woman.

In 2004, I became a Christian and I thought that would cure me but it didn't; not because the message of salvation was imperfect but because religion is rubbish. It was all about dos and don'ts and my spirit rebelled against laws.

As a fellowship leader I still couldn't stop stealing!

In 2007, I met the Lord. It was during a fellowship service on campus and I was supposed to be the preacher. I had gone to Ibadan to have sex with my babe and stopped by at the motor park in Iwo to drink and smoke some cigarettes, when I got the call that I'd be leading the service

I got there and glory showed up. The power of the Holy Spirit was so palpable that the sick were healed and I was slain in the spirit. I didn't say one word in that service; I cried and cried.  Later that night in 2007, I met the Holy Spirit and He showed me my future, His plans for me are good. Did I stop stealing? No! It had become a lifestyle by that time.

One day, I was on campus when this converted herbalist came to hold a crusade on Bowen University sports field and I was his interpreter. While preaching, he said "When we see a child with a glorious future, we know how to deal with them; we turn such a person's glory to shame.  If he is male, he will start stealing. If such is a female, she will start bedwetting.”

Wow! I was stealing and a cousin of mine was bedwetting. The description was so apt that I knew he was talking to me but I was interpreting for him.

When he made an altar call, I couldn't respond. I decided I would see him after the crusade; but lo and behold! he left immediately after. I cried and cried that day.

Then the Holy Spirit said to me "Why are you crying? You have heard the message! Act. So, I left school for my home town.  I had been told by Prophets not to go to my hometown ever; I defied them and went. 

I prayed in tongues all the way there and throughout my stay. I left after nine hours.

Guess what!  People started dying when I left. 9 in three days. It was a pandemic. I didn't know anything about it until my mother called me; she said "I heard you went to the village, what did you do there?" I said "I prayed."

My mother said, "People are dying" and she went on to list names. I said "Wow!" and shared what had happened before then with her.

A few days later as I slept, the woman that usually fed me in my dreams came again with palm oil and eko (corn meal) in a calabash; I told her, “I don't want that meal”, I said "Go and prepare pounded yam and egusi soup for me".  She did so in a hurry. After eating, I said, "Don't ever come back" and she said, "Yes my Lord and hurried off."

That was the end of my desire to steal anything from anyone. I began to grow.

The Holy Spirit later taught me that I was saved but didn't know the power I had in Christ.

He said, "I don't steal and you're exactly like me."

I screamed from the vision into life I could have been rid of the malady earlier if I knew my identity but religion is a slave master; It kept me in bondage even after the Lord had set me free.

So I know a bit about such realities but I also know that my former life was supplanted by the new life I have in Christ. My salvation is perfect! In Him I have all things.

I would have posted a video or picture of witches and herbalists coming to me to give their lives to Jesus here, but I can't because I desire to protect their identity. They have become my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I fear no evil for I am the Good! I fear no darkness for I was made the light in Christ.

I don't pray nonsense prayers like demons die or enemy of my father's house die! Such prayers are an illusion and a distraction. I am full of the Holy Spirit and I have a purpose in Christ.

I observed how the Apostles prayed even when they encountered sorcerers. Please check it out.

They simply issued a decree and the sorcerers couldn't resist. Peter made one blind for a season, Paul disciplined another, without any warfare nonsense.

I have done the same over the world and I got the same result! Glory!!!

I acknowledge the good work of Christ in me and his church, I will not glorify the devil and his works by making him my prayer point. I belong to the light and in the light, there is a purpose for all believers!

Can a man or woman lose salvation after coming to Christ? No! Can such suffer the effect of wrong knowledge and belief systems? Absolutely!

I have set the Lord before me, He is by my right side, I cannot be put to shame! Many of us set fear and torment before us instead of the Lord in the place of prayer.

We build churches and pray devilish prayers because we are ignorant! Imagine someone saying, "Don’t have mercy on the witches and the enemy, kill them or they will kill you."

Really? Jesus said "Bless, curse not.”

Listen to many believers praying today, they only curse and they do so in the name of Jesus because they are ignorant and fearful.

I am bold! I am light! I know who I am in Christ! I cannot be afflicted or put in bondage for I am like the wind, you can never see me coming; because I come right out of Zion!

This is my Sunesis. This is my Epignosis.   Christ in me! The manifestation of Glory