If we say something is perfect, it means that things cannot be made better than it is by the addition of anything or the subtraction of anything. It Is perfect on its own devoid of nothing.

In Christianity, salvation is perfect! It was planned by God, executed by Jesus and had no input of man in anyway.

All we are required to do is believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and we shall be saved! QED.  You cannot add your good behaviour to it or remove your bad behaviour from it. It was done so well that the devil didn't even know what was going on until he saw Jesus in hell and the souls of all the saints being set free by His entrance.

The devil didn't have the ability to stop whatever was happening in his own kingdom. He tried to capture Jesus-the prize, but Jesus made minced meat of him. The devil lost his kingdom in one day and he became a prisoner in his own kingdom.  When Jesus left, He said he left hell with, “the keys of hell and death” (Rev 1:18).

This means when Jesus left hell, he locked the devil and his demons in and walked away, triumphant over principalities and powers.

My son just gained admission into one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria; he didn't know the plan. I woke up one day and told his mother I'd like for him to go to this particular school and she did her findings and agreed with me.  We bought the admission form and told him to prepare to write the entrance examination.  Then we drove him to the school.

He wrote the examination and passed. I paid his school fees, went back home and gave him the good news. That's perfect!

If he chose the school and I disagreed, then it wouldn't be perfect.  If I chose the school and his mother disagreed, it wouldn’t have been perfect. It is perfect because I agreed with his mother and all he did was write the exams and gain the admission. That's what a perfect blessing is.

A table is prepared before you and all you are required to do is sit down and eat. If you contributed a penny to the meal, it won't be free food anymore. You would be able to claim rights! Our salvation is a free gift, it is the perfect gift.

When I was in Ghana, I met a man who said he was a former Christian but has now chosen to embrace African Spiritualism; he said the westerners defrauded Africa through colonialism.

In his words "How can you say someone died for me and sell me his religion only to use it as a means to rob me of my dignity and my resources? Christianity is a scam. They should have left Africa to practise her religion and develop at her own pace."

I said to him, "The white man did evil just like black men do evil, if it was the black man that became enlightened first, he would have done as much evil or even worse evil to the white man in the name of colonization. That has got nothing to do with Christianity.

Man is inherently evil; he cannot help himself; his DNA is corrupted by sin and when he sees other men all he thinks of is how to take advantage of them.  

Christianity has nothing to do with the west and the westerners cannot claim to have done anything but embrace it and try to spread the good news as expected. The problem was that some embraced Christianity truthfully while others just did it because it was fashionable to do so at the time. With time those who embraced it truthfully were transformed while the other category just added a religious cover to their evil nature.

Human conduct cannot diminish the perfect gift of salvation; if it can salvation will not be perfect again.

I told the man that we came to Ghana and indeed travel the world to showcase the true gospel. We showcase a gospel that blesses freely without taking anything from any man.

I shared with him that we came to Ghana with both material and spiritual gifts which we gave freely without collecting a dime from anyone.  

We gave a young lady scholarship and blessed a community with free gifts, we supplied the needs of widows and healed the infirm. We took no offering neither tried to convert people to a church where they will be exploited; We left them to Christ and filled them with the Holy Spirit. We left them in the care of like-minded believers who will see to their growth and establishment in the faith.

The man was shocked and he said, "Wow, that's what you have been doing? Interesting...I wish you good luck." We parted ways with that.

Religion is man-made and this is why it is imperfect. Jesus didn't give us a religion; he gave us eternal life.  When we know the difference between the two, the scales on our eyes will fall off. Suddenly we will have an understanding of what has been done for us and the glorious blessings involved.

When religious people come up with the concept of losing salvation, they duped many believers of their right to a divine reality by keeping them as prisoners of conscience and self-righteousness.

A Believer has been translated out of darkness (a place of pain, death and destruction) into the kingdom of Jesus (a place of righteousness, peace and joy). The lifestyle of darkness changes to a lifestyle of light; such becomes a blessing to the world. That is the result of the perfect plan of God for our redemption.

Religion however added a lot of conditions to this free gift and made it more expensive than remaining in darkness. I was in Sunday school class one day when a brother said, "Before I became a Christian, I lived a decent life. After joining the church and listening to sermons I became aware of things that never bothered me before Like enemies of my father's house, demons, evil markets, glory sellers, witches and the works of darkness. I became suspicious of the people I once loved and cherished and I found myself being fearful even when I sleep."

Religion is bondage! Jesus said I have come that you may have life!

The law made sin obvious; grace and truth made eternal life obvious. Believers who claim to have embraced Jesus but preach the law are bad ambassadors of Christ and good ambassadors of Moses. An ambassador must stick to the policy of the one who sent him!

I have seen many arguments here about family curses and spiritual warfare. Those who believe in such are not Christians; they are religious. Their salvation is not perfect because they have amended it to accommodate extra mundane realities.

My salvation is perfect, I have neither added nor removed anything from it. I sit with Christ in heavenly places and I am conscious of the realities of the new life I have in Christ. When we go for crusades, witches come out by themselves to give their lives to Christ. Herbalists and occult members do the same freely because I didn't amend my salvation to include them in the equation. I am from above and he that is from above is above all.

The preachers who include them in their salvation and sermons are the ones struggling with that amended salvation reality every day.

Many Christians bought into that lie too and are screaming "family battle" because they lack knowledge.  When you grow in the wrong knowledge, it becomes your reality! I belong to the assembly of the saints in light, I am full of the Holy Spirit, I am a saviour out of Zion, my salvation is perfect!