Joshua 5:13-14.
The Israelites just crossed over 
River Jordan.
They were preparing to invade Jericho.
Joshua the leader of the Israelites looked 
up and saw a man armed with a sword.
He had no idea who he was.
He walked up to him and asked a strange 
Now, the normal question anybody would 
have asked is, "Who are you?"
Joshua didn't ask that.
He asked: "Are you for us or for our enemies?"
In Joshua's mind, these are the 2 options 
It's either one or the other.
You're either on my side or you're on the 
other side.
You're either APC or PDP.
You're either a Buharists or an Atikulate.
You're either for Messi or for Ronaldo.
You're either a Democrat or a Republican.
You're either for Chelsea or for United.
You're either for Barça or for Madrid.
Your options are limited to one or the 
Joshua asked a strange question.
The man responded with a stranger answer:
What does that mean?
What kinda answer is that?
"Do you want Coke or Fanta?"
"Do you want fried rice or jollof rice?"
"Do you support APC or PDP?"
What sense does that make?
Are you for me or for my enemy?
To Joshua, the options available are these 2.
But to the man, THERE IS ANOTHER 
There's ALWAYS another option!
Now, scripture says, "Multitudes, multitudes 
in the valley of decision..."- Joel 3:14.
We're almost always in the "valley of decision", 
having to chose between options:
Should I study Architecture or Civil Engineering?
Should I accept Tunde's proposal or Uche's?
Should I relocate to Canada or stay in Nigeria?
And most times, these decisions are irreversible!
Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Every choice we 
make is an entry into limitation".
The moment you choose to study Medicine, 
you'll never know what being a Lawyer is like.
The moment you agree to marry Emeka, you'll 
never know if you would have been happier 
as Danjuma's wife.
So, decisions ARE critical.

There is ANOTHER option you're not considering, 
another one you're very unaware of.
And that IS the right option.

What decision are you about to take?
What options are you weighing?
Could there be another your mind isn't even 
Are you thinking outside the box?
May you not be blindsided.
May you not limit yourself to options outside 
God's will for your life.

As we enter the 2nd half of 2020, may God 
open your eyes to see THAT  option and take 
the right decisions in Jesus' Name.

Haruna Daniels.