Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire

She didn't understand what the fuss was all about
There are ladies who practically have to beg men 
to marry them or even be with them
Such ladies naturally have no right to expect 
anything from a man
But there are ladies like her
As beautiful as the setting sun
Such ladies are the ones with the
exclusive right to demand that a man 
must take care of them
A man was supposed to take care of a woman
A real man was supposed to be happy to
 meet the needs of his woman
What would be the point of having a relationship
 if the man does not bankroll the comfort of his woman
If a man expected his woman to look good,
 then he must provide her with the means to look good
That was why he avoided broke guys like a plague
She couldn't date a storyteller or a panhandler
She had many needs, real financial needs
Her mother needed some serious medical attention
Her younger sister was still in school and  looked 
up to her for financial support 
She was the first child and the onus was on 
her to train her siblings
She had no other asset than herself and guile
She was not the type of "market" men can ignore
But her beauty was not for love
It was for money, it was her ticket into wealth
It was her beauty that ensured that she got a 
good education
The condition she gave the man who was asking for
 her hand in marriage as at that time was her education
She had no intention of marrying the man
She needed the support and had to leverage on her looks
Of course, she slept with him several times
That was his incentive to keep catering for her needs
He was a horticulturist and an astute businessman
But he was not rich enough to meet her needs
She was 19 when she started dating him
She had four younger siblings and her parents
He could only afford to spend on her 
He didn't have enough to spend on the
 rest of her family
Out of the little he gave her, she tries to settle 
her family but it wasn't enough
As soon as she got to school, she started looking 
out for better opportunities
From her very first day in school, she noticed that 
some babes were well connected
She approached one of them and humbly asked to be 
taught the ropes
That was how she met her first sugar daddy
Of course, he was married with children
She had no intention of marrying him
It was the money that she needed, nothing else
She knew she would comfortably marry whenever 
she was ready
She was an asset, a trophy and a prize
All she needed was to be smart and not make 
any foolish mistake  like get pregnant or contact any
 Sexually Transmitted Disease
Sex was a "done it with one, done it with all" affair
Body counts are more of a thing to boast 
about than cry over
It was her body, she took care of it and in return,
 it takes care of her needs
Sometimes she would meet a new rich guy on her own
She would go somewhere with her sugar Daddy 
and someone would slip her a business card
Sometimes she would be going to the restroom 
when the personal assistant of someone important
 would approach her with a business card
She once sat in a hotel bar waiting for a Naval officer 
with whom she was supposed to spend the day on a 
yacht when another man approached her
He wasn't polished enough and she can't waste 
her time with a "broke" admirer
She told him off!
Five minutes later, another young man approached 
her with an envelope
In the envelope was a business card and 
ten thousand dollars
She carried her bag immediately and followed 
the young man
When they got to the car, she found the guy she 
just told off sitting with a smug smile on his face
He had the right to be smug, even to 
spank her for that amount
She apologised and went with him for that day
She was all about the money!
It was that young man that changed the story
He was married but his wife and two young 
children were living abroad
He was a legitimate businessman
He was just four years older than her
He had the right political connections and was
 making real neat money
He was the type of guy she would like to marry
He lived alone in a mansion and took her to his house
Unlike the others who took her to hotels 
and hurried to get into her pants
Unlike others who made her feel cheap, 
Unlike the others who made her feel like 
a highly paid call girl
He made her feel like a wife
She cooked, watched television, felt at 
home and didn't have to worry about meeting 
someone else she was dating in the hotel 
by accident
She really settled into him
She somehow started to ease off her 
hustling mindset
She started becoming a simple lady again
Just breathing, loving, enjoying, forgetting, 
and basking
That was how she was when her betrothed came
 to the house unexpectedly
He had gone to her school and met her absence
She really hadn't been to school for weeks
Somehow he got wind of where she was
He did his drama, cursed her and her parents
Used his sweat and his heart and her 
betrayal to curse her
Eventually, the security people threw him 
out of the compound
Somehow she was happy the guy found her out
She was tired of his fifty thousand Naira per month 
upkeep allowance
What would any sensible person hope to buy 
with such a ridiculous amount?
Whatever he did for her, she had repaid by 
sleeping with him
And now that their business is over, they should 
both walk away with their heads held high
He should have known she was not in his class
The agreement they had was because she was in a bind
Any agreement signed under duress was 
not legally binding
Her "sugar man" had travelled at the time
He was part of the entourage of a politician to Spain
While he was away she considered her decisions
She started having sex at fifteen 
Her first was a teacher in her secondary school
Since then she had slept with all sorts 
for one thing or the other
She had practically used sex as her currency through
 life as an adult
She was twenty-nine, in the final year at the university 
and yet she felt she had gone no further than where 
she started from
At least she had a guy she was thinking she might marry
before the whole bubble busted
Seeing him walk away jolted some bolts of reality in her
She had no one she could call "My future or present partner"
She had some money in the bank, some clothes, a car
She shared a flat with three other ladies and had 
travelled abroad three times
She didn't really have a stable relationship,
 a man she can call her own,
the prospect of a marriage in the near future 
and she was deeply unhappy
She needed to change the game badly, but how?
She called her mentor, the lady that
 gave her her first real connect
The lady had settled down somewhere with a rich guy
Please advise me, how do I go forward from here?
Her monitor outlined her options
Marry this guy or one of your other clients and 
be a second wife with all the possible 
complications that will bring
Get him to pay you off, use the payoff to settle 
down and be on your own
Get yourself a responsible man with a bright 
future with whom you can build a life
Get a man who lives abroad desperately in need 
of a wife, marry him and relocate abroad
Become a baby mama for a rich guy and be living 
off him while you continue to enjoy your life
She weighed all the options
Early the next morning, unannounced, 
her man's wife arrived
It was the gateman that called to warn her on
the intercom as soon as he sighted the Madam
She hastily packed her travel bag and sneaked
out through the kitchen door
She was in no mood for another drama within 24 hours
She got a taxi  as soon as she left the house
When she got to her flat she called her man
His line was busy for a long time
When he eventually picked he told her she should
meet him at the airport at 4 PM the following day
All she wanted from him was a tangible farewell gift
She was in a taxi heading for the airport to meet with him

when a strange wind blew on her from somewhere
She started misbehaving, talking on and
 on and off point.
The taxi driver managed to drive her to her flat 
before speeding off
She was taken to several hospitals and traditional 
healing centres
Her family members went to meet the 
fiancee, she jilted
He said he knew nothing about it
The man he was sleeping with claimed he didn't
 know her at all
Nobody knew how she suddenly lost her senses 
She was dumped at a spiritualist's treatment 
centre in AWKA on September 4, 2012

2019 April/May

The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt held a vigil on the 
last Friday of April
A young man came to the vigil to pray
He invited the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt to 
meet his elder sister who had been hospitalized with
a strange illness
They prayed, she got healed and she gave
 her life to Jesus
She told the brother in Jeans and T-shirt 
something strange
She said she was told her husband had practically
 married a second wife after dumping her and her 
children abroad
She returned home when her husband had travelled
 in order to catch the wife
Unfortunately, the young lady ran away before 
she could get her
In her haste to leave, the young lady forgot some personal items
 in the bathroom
In anger, she took the personal items of the young
 lady to a herbalist
She told the herbalist to teach the young woman a lesson 
she would never forget
She really didn't know what was done but 
she later heard the lady ran mad
She had forgiven the lady and would like 
to set her free
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt went to see her 
husband later that day
He confirmed the story and gave the brother 
in Jeans and T-shirt the
phone number of the relatives of the lady
A series of prayers and deliverance services 
were conducted
The Holy Spirit breathed upon the lady
On May 12, 2019, six years and eight months
 after she lost her senses
The lady became sane again!
She came to Lagos today 17th May 2019, to say 
thank you!
Many who were present as she told her story cried
The money she pursued relentlessly didn't defend her
The car, her jewellery, her savings everything was gone
Her friends had all left her behind
She will be starting from the scratch now
But she will be starting with the power 
of the Holy Spirit as a believer
Her future is bright and she will recover 
all in Jesus name!

PS: The gospel is very powerful
The effect of Jesus upon human destiny and 
reality is unquantifiable!
The gospel healed and saved one in Lagos
As a result, another one was healed, saved and 
delivered in AWKA
Someone will hear the gospel today and 
as a result, your challenges of several years will 
be solved!
Preach the gospel!
If you are the type who choose the lifestyle of
godlessness, always remember, there is only
one step between light and darkness
May the Lord lead you into the light today (Amen)

Proverbs 6:27-33 King James Version (KJV)
27 Can a man take fire in his bosom, and 
his clothes not be burned?
28 Can one go upon hot coals, and 
his feet not be burned?
29 So he that goeth in to his neighbour's wife (husband); 
whosoever toucheth her shall not be innocent.