She was forced to accept the job of a manager at a gift shop

The title was heavier than the pay

She was more like a glorified salesgirl

The gift shop was located right at the center of the city

She was a graduate, but after roaming the streets for years in search of a job

She decided she needed to do something, no matter how small

She would have taken the second escape, which is marriage, the problem was she was never in the game

She had toyed with the idea of having a relationship and actually had some in the past but she had never had anything that intense

The first guy she slept with didn’t date her at all

They were neighbours during NYSC

She went to his room one day to watch TV

He told her he was a little bit tired and had to sleep

She thought he was just trying to get rid of her

There was a particular TV show she loves to watch

He was the only one with the appropriate gadgets with which to watch it in their neighbourhood

She was determined she wouldn’t miss that episode

After a few minutes, he told her his girlfriend would be coming around

She still didn’t move

Within five minutes, his girlfriend arrived

She still didn’t leave

The two of them tried very hard to get her to leave

But they were too polite to order her out of the room

The room had only one bed

She was seating by the edge of the bed

He was lying down on the bed, his back against the wall

His girlfriend took off her shoes and lied down beside him

They started kissing and doing stuff

She still didn’t move

The episode was interesting and why wouldn’t they wait for her to leave before they get into the thick of it?

Suddenly she felt two hands simultaneously drag her backwards

She didn’t understand what was going on at first

Long story short, her first sexual experience was a threesome

It was horrible to imagine

She could have stopped it anytime she wanted but she had nothing else to move on to

She was bored and lonely

Sometimes she and the girl would have a go at each other

Sometimes she would be alone with him

They made her day adventurous and she finally had a secret she couldn’t tell anybody

One advantage was she never had to spend her monthly allowance ever again

The guy and his girlfriend were both from seriously rich homes

There was always more than enough food, money and fun plus she could legitimately watch her TV shows anytime she wanted

She didn’t know what she would describe herself as in that relationship

She was obviously not the girlfriend and she was also not the friend to the girlfriend because she never even for once saw herself as having any stakes in the relationship with either of them

It was good for as long as it lasted

When they finished NYSC he invited her over to his house in the city

He and his girlfriend were cohabiting

She obliged

She wanted the fun to continue

She also hoped that since both of them had no problem getting jobs in the city, they would use their influence to get her a job too

But they had another agenda

She was like their unofficial house maid/sex toy

They paid her 120,000 every month

She had no need to touch the money

There was food, drink, housekeeping allowance, gifts and they all sometimes go on dates

She could also bring home her friends and relatives (to visit)

She had every comfort she could ever think of

She was twenty-four and had everything she wanted for that moment

It all ended within six months

They went clubbing one night (She didn’t go with them) and came back with another lady

She didn’t know what the lady did with, to or for them but they told her the next morning it was time to go

She didn’t know what to do

She couldn’t beg because she was angry

She couldn’t insist on staying because she had no right to be there in the first place

She was invited over and only stayed at their pleasure

She went back home

It took her time to adjust

She did a series of one-night stands for about three months

She would just dress sexy, walk into the club, throw herself at a guy, sleep with him and that would be that

Her savings also suffered

She continued to give herself one excuse or the other to spend money

Shopping helped her deal with the deep sadness in her soul

Eventually she got broke

She couldn’t even afford to go clubbing again

She started job hunting

It was very difficult

And then she saw the vacancy post for the gift shop and she applied

She needed the money but more than that she needed to do something

She had been on the job for six months when they walked in

The rich guy and his girlfriend

They had with them another girl, obviously their new sex toy

They kept patronizing her, complementing her, buying her stuff

She looked at them through her office window and felt a fresh flush of anger

They had used her

They were predators

They had taken and taken from her

They were the reason she had been so unhappy and depressed

They were the reason she was here, instead of right there beside them

She wanted desperately to be with them

She didn’t know why, it felt as if she had just been drifting without a rudder on the open sea since they sent her away

They did their shopping and left

She didn’t dare leave her office

She didn’t want them to see her

Later that evening, she called the guy’s girlfriend

They had not spoken since she left about three years before

She told her how she felt

“What could I do to get back with you guys

I will do anything

I am so unhappy”

The guy’s girlfriend told her it will practically be impossible because they have already migrated to Canada and she was able to receive her call because she roamed her number


The same lady she saw in the gift shop earlier that morning

Was she such an object of derision that she had to be told off with such a lie?

She thought about her situation throughout the night

The rich can do whatever they like with anybody they like

The poor are like play things to them

Why did she feel so powerless?

The next morning, she went to her village

There was a man there who was reputed to have potent charms

She saw the man whenever they travel home on holidays

Her village was about 45 minutes’ drive from her father’s house in the city

She met the man at home and told him what she wanted

“I want to be rich, I will do whatever it takes” She said

“There are consequences to such riches, dire consequences” said the man

She didn’t care, she had long gone past the point of caring

The man listed all the possible diabolic means available to get sudden wealth

She listened carefully

After almost one hour, she made her choice

The man told her he would give her 41 incisions on her private part and portion made from palm kernel oil. She was to look for the man that deflowered her and sleep with him at least once. Right after the sexual intercourse, she was to rub the palm kernel oil on her private part and go home at once. Within three days, the person she slept with would run mad and money would start finding its way to her!

The option would be a stone of vengeance and at the same time a stone of prosperity for her

She went back the following weekend, had a ritual bath, did the incision and left with the portion

As soon as she got back to the city, she called him

“Please, I will like to sleep with you at least one more time” she said on the phone

The man had given her a “do as I say” charm, he warned her the man might feel a sudden urge to deny her request, especially if he had a strong sixth sense

She went to wait for him at a hotel

He came

They did some small talk

She wanted them to go to the room immediately

But he kept delaying

About twenty minutes after he arrived, he followed her to the room

They got into the foreplay

Somebody knocked on the door

He opened

It was his girlfriend

“So you dare to call my man and demand for sex! Did I not warn you to keep away? Was my Canada message not clear enough?”

She didn’t know what to say

His girlfriend turned to him, kissed him

He kissed his girlfriend back

They turned to her

Just like that very first day

She surrendered with relief

The man had warned her she would run mad if she did not sleep with the person that deflowered her within 21 days!

As soon as his key entered her keyhole

She felt the goosepimples all over her

He shook violently

They finished the deal, she went into the bathroom, she used the palm kernel portion

They left the hotel

Early the next morning, she went back to the man in the village

The man declared the operation a success

That evening, just as she was getting home, his girlfriend arrived

His girlfriend: He is misbehaving, running about like a lunatic, what did you do to him?

She acted surprised

His girlfriend: I had gone to see our spiritualist, he said you did something and if you don’t undo it, you will run mad

She feigned anger, walked into her house and locked the door

His girlfriend left

His parents were informed about his condition, they dragged him to church

The church Pastor called the brother in Jeans and T-Shirt

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt asked for anointing oil, he anointed the guy’s head

“I hide you under the shadow of the almighty, I demand your senses to come right back to you”

The guy was relieved

“Can you hear me now?”

The guy nodded

“Will you give your life to Jesus, that is the only way to save you from this impending wrath”

The guy fell on his knees

Yes sir!

Say “Lord Jesus, for too long I’ve kept you out of my life. I know that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself. No longer will I close the door when I hear you knocking. By faith I gratefully receive your gift of salvation. I am ready to trust you as my Lord and Savior. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for coming to earth. I believe you are the Son of God who died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead on the third day. Thank you for bearing my sins and giving me the gift of eternal life. I believe your words are true. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and be my Savior. Amen.

The guy said it

He laid hands on the guy and asked the Holy Spirit to come upon him. The guy started speaking in tongues!

He prayed for hours!

Young man in Jeans and T-shirt left him in the church

The next day he phoned the young man in Jeans and T-shirt. Brother so and so, I have broke up with my girlfriend! That relationship was ungodly and I have been convicted of that since yesterday. What do I do now?

“Study. Study the Bible starting from the book of John, the entire gospel, the epistles, everything. Make sure you keep away from the Old testament until you have gained full illumination from the new testament. Your life will be transformed by the washing of the word! Renewed day by day!!!”

One month after he became born again, he went to look for her at the supermarket. The money she was expecting never came. He apologized to her! He didn’t actually see people as human beings before he became born again, he was a taker, a user and it was all about what makes him happy at the moment. He has seen the truth now and he wanted to let her know he was sorry!

His sincerity reached her!

She told him everything she did and how everything fell apart despite all her plans and sacrifices

He told her about Jesus

She accepted Jesus into her heart.

He also helped her get a job at a courier services company

Two years later, she got married

She is trusting God for the fruit of the womb



PS: This event happened in Ogun State. (NYSC camp was in Oyo state)

The guy is an evangelist

He is also married with a son

People who live their lives outside of the Kingdom of God’s dear son Jesus Christ are a danger to themselves and others. Their lives are a cycle of crisis and wickedness. They are predators and preys to one another all in the way of seeking temporary fulfilment on this earth!

In Jesus you are in a strong tower, indelible light, illumination and supernatural power.

Give your life to Jesus today! Do it Now!