He could tell precisely how they became friends

They were all living in the same community

His mother was a landlord and she also doubled as a caretaker for some properties in the community

Her father was also a landlord but he was a sailor

He came home only once or twice in four years

As teenagers they didn’t really move in the circle

She rarely left home unless she had been sent on an errand

He was often outdoor

Playing football with the other boys in the community was especially a passion

Her school was about fifteen minutes’ walk from his own

One day, very early in the morning a lady came into their compound to see one of their tenants

The lady was also a teenager

The lady was stunningly pretty

He was fetching water at the well when she walked past her to the tenant’s house

He quickly dropped his bucket and went to lie in wait for her at the gate

The lady was the type of girl one should talk to

Even if she wouldn’t give him an audience

People would see that he made an effort

Other teenagers in the community will respect him

They were all getting to that stage in life in which the opposite sex was beginning to make sense

That particular babe made a lot of sense at 7AM

Thirty minutes later, the lady emerged

He smiled at her and asked her for her name

The lady told him

The lady also told him she came to see the teen teacher of their church

She was the captain of the teens Sunday School class and the woman she came to see was their teacher

He was impressed

He was a Christian too but he rarely went to church

The following Sunday, he dressed as meticulously as he could

He went to her church and joined the teens class

The lady was who she claimed to be

Well versed in churchiness and religion

He decided he would have to pay more attention to his religious studies

After the service, he approached her and introduced himself

They both knew he came for her

But such things were never said, only known

She borrowed him her Sunday school manual

He promised her he would return the manual to her at her school the following Wednesday

“Do you know my school?” She asked him

“I was hoping you will tell me” He replied

She smiled and told him

The following Wednesday he was at her school gate five minutes before they closed

He sneaked out of his own school before closing time in order to make it on time

He waited for about fifteen minutes before he saw her

The lady of his dreams

What he didn’t envisage was the presence of the other girl from his community

Just as he was smiling cheerfully at the lady

The girl called his name

Girl: Hey, what are you doing here

He: I came to see a friend of mine

Girl: Oh! I didn’t know you guys are friends

He: We are

The girl left

The lady kept quiet throughout the exchange

They started walking home together

The lady told him there and then that he shouldn’t come to see her again


“I am a scripture union fellowship executive in this school, how do I explain a guy hanging around obviously looking to make me his girlfriend”

He told her he wouldn’t come to her school again, he would only come to the church

She said no!

She wasn’t ready for a relationship yet

They would be writing their final examinations in a few months and hopefully gaining admission into the university

A relationship would constitute only a distraction for her

He tried hard to talk her into seeing things his way

She refused to be swayed

He even argued that they be pen pals, just writing stuff to each other

But she wouldn’t have it

At a point as they walked on in silence, she told him to move to the other side of the road and stop walking with her because she doesn’t want to be seen with him

He was preparing to pitch his final argument when she said it

He wanted to speak but she shushed him

She told him she would embarrass him if he took a step further beside her

He gave up

He watched her walk away

The sway of her hips waving him goodbye as she walked into the sunset was sheer torture

When he got home, his only thought was about persuading her to change her stance

He thought about various strategies to use

Eventually he settled on the best he could think of

The following day, he went back to her school

He waited by the gate until the students started pouring out

He saw the lady

The lady also saw him and slowed down

As planned the girl from his community also showed up

He beamed his sexy smile at the girl from his community and told her he came to walk her home

And that was that!

From that day, he started walking the girl from his community home everyday

In the process they became great friends

The lady was forgotten within a month

The girl also fell in love with him

Perhaps it was the familiarity of their community that didn’t let him consider the girl as a potential girlfriend in the past

She was beautiful, well endowed, tall and has a very great heart

She was not a churchy person like him and he doesn’t have to be who he wasn’t just to please her or get to know her

As soon as they finished their final examinations, they became lovers

The girl told him she had promised herself she would keep her virginity only until 18

He was so too happy to hear it!

They were both very faithful to each other

They got admission into the same university to study Accounting

They lived in the same room for the last three of the four years they spent in the university

Their parents were practically relating as in-laws within the community

As expected, their relationship was not without its issues

The most prominent was the pregnancy and abortion issues

She got pregnant six times while they were together

He insisted on an abortion every time and she obliged him

They were married nine years after they became lovers, on her 27th birthday

They both became chartered accountants at the age of 31

Their marriage was a glorious one

They had more than enough to eat and drink

They make seven figures each and within a short time they owned properties all over the nation

He started his own accounting firm and it was an instant success

She worked for a very prominent bank

The only thing they both desired but didn’t have was a child!

They tried all they could

They met with specialists and medical experts

They consulted spiritualists and herbalists

They ate concoction and did IVF


He never wavered in loving her

Not even for once

It was the only consolation she had

She always told herself that whatever shame getting pregnant outside wedlock could have brought her

Not having a child had brought her so much more shame

Being barren was such a sickening stigma

She had prayed, offered sacrifices, swallowed substances she couldn’t even name

Her desperation was razor sharp

All in the name of getting pregnant

They were preparing for their annual trip to Europe to celebrate their wedding anniversary

When she received the august visitors

Her husband’s family members and friends

They came early on a Saturday morning

They talked and talked and talked

At the end of the day, they said her husband had impregnated a 19 year old girl who came for industrial Training at his office

Her husband wanted the young lady to abort the pregnancy

The young lady agreed but was too scared to go ahead with it

She reemerged in his office six months later

Her scan showed she was carrying a set of triplets

Her husband didn’t know what to do

He decided to call family members, friends and relatives

He wanted them to beg his wife on his behalf

He couldn’t tell either he was bewitched or perhaps it was just lust

He had never strayed before

Not even once

He could swear by anything

This was the only time he strayed

He did it at the Annual General Meeting they had in his company

The lady walked by his car at the most unfortunate minute

He called her and she jumped into the car

They did whatever they did right there in the back seat of the car

When the lady came to his office two months later claiming she was pregnant

He didn’t believe her sob story!

He felt she wanted to get some money from him

He gave her 50,000.00 to get the pregnancy fixed

He didn’t know “the Industrial training girl” would chicken out of the whole deal!

He messed up

What could he do to make amends?

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing

He would have three children?

She would be the one to lose out?

In what world was that ever going to be considered fair?

Her first instinct was to pretend all was well and find a way to kill the girl

But her emotions betrayed her

She flared up and threatened fire and brimstone!

Right there and then, before the whole family, she declared war!

 When the family members insisted on placating her, she rushed into the room and retrieved her husband’s double barrel gun

Everybody scattered!

No man would ruin her life and live to enjoy his own life

Her husband never came back home!

Two weeks later, the company her husband built was suddenly engulfed in flames

A week later, the flat of the “IT girl” suddenly caught fire in the middle of the night

Everybody assumed she was dead

But she didn’t sleep at home that night

Everybody realized the wife meant business

The husband knew all the places they had visited while looking for a child

He knew he wouldn’t survive the mayhem she could unleash on him

He called her to beg

She wouldn’t budge

He went to the house to see her

She refused to open the gate for him

She told him she was determined to see to it that either he wouldn’t live to see the triplets or the triplets wouldn’t live to see him

The very next day, the “IT girl” now 7 months pregnant was suddenly became deaf and dumb

The man couldn’t bear it anymore

It is true that he wronged his wife but why was she so hell bent on ruining him?

He phoned her

He: What do you want? I will do anything.

She: Kill her and go to prison for the rest of your life

He: I am sorry, but I cannot do that

She: Then both of you will die a miserable death

He: I will pay you anything, please, have mercy on us

She: I have not even started dealing with you guys. By the time I am through with you, you will be begging for death!

By the time he hung up, he was sweating profusely

The next day she went into the groove of one of her herbalists

The man comes out for only three weeks in a year to consult for people

She told the man what she wanted

The man gave her a black egg

He told her to wait until midnight, bring out the black egg and call her husband’s name three times and the “IT girl’s” name three times

She should then smash the egg against the wall

He assured her that within seven days, all her enemies would be dead

She left the village in the afternoon

She got to Ojota garage IN Lagos at 5PM

The day was a Saturday

Brother in Jeans and T-shirt was ministering on the theme “Waymaker”

Just as she climbed the pedestrian bridge

The preacher said “There is somebody here with an evil charm on you, you have made up your mind to battle the people who wronged you to the death! The Holy Spirit says “Come into my rest and I will restore you!”

She ignored the message and walked on

That night as she waited for 12 midnight to do as she was instructed

She remembered the warning again

Could she be restored?

She was determined to kill everybody and kill herself afterwards


She couldn’t carry out the instruction that night

The next morning, she went to make enquiries about the people who did the crusade

She was directed to the church

She met with the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt

She gave her life to Christ

She gave him the phone number of her husband

He went to see her husband the next day

Her husband also gave his life to Christ

The “IT Girl” was healed

She delivered the triplets through Caesarean birth six weeks later

Six months later, she returned to school

She dropped the triplets in the care of the man and his wife

One year three months and seventeen days later

At the age of 43

She was confirmed three months pregnant


PS: She had since delivered a baby boy

The “IT girl” got married in July 2018

She and her husband lives in Canada

The man and his wife now have four children

They live together in peace and harmony

This event happened in Lagos, Nigeria