Set your own limits

Set your own limits

Her father gave birth to seven girls

He drummed it into their heads

Your destiny is in your hands

What you make of yourself

Is what the world will make of you

Never grow up assuming

I am an appendage

You are a unique being

Meant to be independent of circumstances

Key into this

Their mother accepted his gospel

Preached it even

But in practice

Prepared her girls for their future

You can win everywhere

A gold medalist in the kitchen

A Samurai warrior in the bedroom

A Champion in home economics

A don academically

A captain of industry

A leader of nations

He would have stopped at three children

But his wife wanted to give him a son

After their seventh baby

He begged

Please Baby, No more

Promise me we are done!

She: But what about your family, your name

He: The daughters of Zelophehad kept their father's heritage

Let us trust God

She loved him

She wanted to reward his faithfulness and love

But He didn't donate the right chromosomes

It was his own doing

Why should she have to suffer for it

He convinced her

Sex doesn't determine a child's greatness

What does are the values the parents show and teach such

The young ladies grew

They were brilliant, beautiful, focused and winners

Their father insisted they attend a mixed school

Seven girls need boys around them

They must have a balanced approach to life

Learn how to hold their own

The ladies learnt well

None gave him a headache

One of them gained admission into the university

To study Chemistry

She changed her mind

She wants to study accounting

She found herself restless, often drifting

Trying to discover her purpose

She had drive

Her Father let her be

She'd figure it out

She did, eventually

She got a job

A Lebanese shop

Selling furniture

She watched, she observed

She asked questions

Then she resigned

Gathered some fund

Started making her own furniture

Just like that, she had discovered purpose

Everybody laughed

A woman, untrained, setting up a furniture outfit?

She defied the odds

Employed the best

Did her own marketing

Made money

Then she took a loan

Its time to own a factory

She never defaulted

She got her factory

Integrity spoke for her

Her gender made many root for her

Her God lit her path

She was always a step ahead in her industry

She got married

She was too heady,

It will not last,

She was too bossy,

She cannot submit

Naysayers United

Always bad mouthing

Trump will never be President




Yen Yen Yen yen

Trump became the president

Her marriage worked

Blessed with children


Businesses invited her

Come and be on our board

International organizations took notice

She had the Midas touch

Global recognition came to her

A girl believed to have been destined for the other room

A bank made her the first female Chairman in its history

Set your own limits!