She got to the lecture hall very early

She chose a seat in front

Other students started arriving a few minutes later

She was reviewing her notes when she discovered

She had left the note for this course

She checked the time

She should be able to make it

She raced to the hostel

She got to her room, opened the door

And froze

Right before her was her friend and room mate

Legs wide open

A man in white attire

Chanting incantation silently

Crouched in between her legs

Holding a local blade and a white powder

Making incisions

Her friend saw her

She saw her

She took her book, returned to class

The sight was troubling

What fetish nonsense was her friend doing

When she got to the hostel

Her friend told her

I am tired of being used and dumped

Any man who sleeps with me

Begins to answer to me

The stallion riding the wind must be weary

It worked

Her friend blew

From their humble hostel

To the GRA

Big babe

They graduated

Parted ways

Each took a boat

Headed for different destinations

Trusting to Facebook, Instagram

For real time updates

On the river of life

She met her man

Got married

Settled down

Life was fair

Her brother called

The Physicist

The Nerd of the family

Working with  NASA

He was coming home

He was getting married

He met a babe in America

It was love at first sight

Everybody rejoiced

Her arrived

He introduced the wife to be

It was her friend with the fetish honeypot

She pretended all was fine

Called her mother

This, I know

Called her father

This, I saw

Told everybody

This happened

The family called their son

You cannot marry her

The son went livid

What do you mean?

The more he professed his love

The more they believed her story

E don get am!

Her friend came crying

Why are you doing this to me?

I love him

I want to marry him

I have changed

I am now a Christian

Very devoted

She: Explain what i saw to my brother with your own mouth! If you tell him the truth and he still wants to go on, I will support you

Her friend did

Her brother listened

Asked questions

You are sure all the fetish things have been destroyed?

Her friend was sorry

Very contrite

Everybody felt sorry for her

Mercy prevailed

Her tears were adjudged genuine

The next day

Her brother packed his bags

Left for America

Without goodbye

This was a scientist

A Nuclear physicist

He said juju is nonsense

And now he had disappeared


They called him

"While I don't believe in juju

There was sufficient evidence to prove something fetish was going on, I couldn't trust my own decisions anymore" He explained

The End