Touching the Hem

Touching the Hem

Good morning Sir, I have a great 

If i have to type it all, I won't be 
able to finish up in days. 
God has been so so good to my 
family, this year 2020 when most 
of the people in the world are 
screaming diverse tales of woe, my 
Home is shouting Hallelujah. 

Remember when I met you in 2018, 
I sent the Prayer point to you on Twitter, 
although we try to get by each month, 
it has really been a struggle. 
My husband's company finally reviewed 
salary early 2019 but it was as if he was 
demoted because the salary scale he 
was placed on was way below his level. 

Then I joined PSSBC in May 2019 
and inspite of all, Joy kept flooding my 
soul and I kept encouraging my husband 
to hold on, all things will be beautiful.  
Covid happened and suddenly Bro Gbenga 
my husbands company realized his worth, 
the directors who he had petitioned 
repeatedly over his salary scale and have 
ignored him all the while were the ones  
calling for a quick reworking of his salary 
and it was done in less than 24 hours
as if that was not enough, they released 
funds for him to make investment which 
brings very appreciable returns monthly. 
Bro Gbenga I am overwhelmed by Gods 
love to us 
For years I had held on to my Job even 
though it wasn't paying much and i was 
given some options, i kept saying its my 
field and sat there refusing to be moved, 
suddenly while fellowshipping with the 
Holyspirit during the Covid lockdown, 
I just grew tired of the job, I was going 
to resign but to nothing, 
I reached out to Mummy Arowosere, I 
started fellowshipping with her and 
Papa Alex and the Holyspirit gave 
I did not stay at home for 3 months 
before I got a new job paying more 
than twice of what I was erning before 
and I can give out without fear of 
Suddenly I even I can employ someone 
to help with the children and the house. 
This time last year, we were to pay rent 
and it was as if the earth will crumble 
before we could gather it but this year, 
we ain't bothered
Imagine that sir, we are even renovating 
to make it more livable (if i should send 
you before and after pictures of my house) 
I am sure even our Landlady will be looking 
at us like don't these ones know they will 
pay rent this month?
So many awesome things are happening, 
I am overwhelmed but I know its just Icing 
on the cake... 
Thank you so much Bro Gbenga for
 bringing me into the fold of true worshipers, 
indeed I have touched the hem of his 
garment and daily I grow in grace.
Thank you so so much, Grace is multiplied 
unto you Sir



1For the choirmaster. A Psalm of David. 
I waited patiently for the LORD; He 
inclined to me and heard my cry.
2 He lifted me up from the pit of 
despair, out of the miry clay; 
He set my feet upon a rock, and made 
my footsteps firm.3He put a new 
song in my mouth, a hymn of praise 
to our God