He was a drunk

The type that seemed predestined for early death

Once he gets into a bottle, the drink begins to cry

But he doesn't hear nothing

Cup by cup, bottle by bottle

Gin, beer, whiskey, wine, local stuff

The drink must kill him every night

He doesn't stop till he's dead

Once he drank so much

He wanted to pee

He walked to the bar

Peed on people in the bar

Then he proceeded into the latrine

And slept in a pool of urine

It was his greatest undoing

The curse of the bottle

Friends and family members cautioned him

His father disowned him

He persisted

He met her on one of such days

Drunk beyond this realm

As he staggered along slurring his words

She saw him

Everybody was disgusted

People laughed and shook their head

She saw him fall into a puddle

She rushed towards him

Cradled his head on her laps

Nursing him back to life

She took him home that day

His parents and siblings said thank you

"This is the affliction we are battling with" his mother said with tearful eyes

The next day she was back

He didn't know who she was

She told him hoe she found him


He laughed

"Do you think I don't want to stop?

I just can't" he lamented

She: Stop trying, just believe

She told him about Jesus, and the supernatural power that breaks every yoke

He believed

She: Will you accept Jesus?

He: My parents are Christians, I am a Christian

She: Meet My Jesus!

He accepted Jesus

Followed her to church

So mightily grew the word, it prevailed over his addiction

His life turned around

He got a job

He proposed

She married him

His family rejoiced

Her family danced

The marriage was blessed

Six years, two children later

Her car got faulty

She had an appointment

She boarded a bus

Right on the express

Fifteen minutes from home

There was a hold up

She perceived petrol

"I CAN SMELL FUEL" She screamed

It came like a vengeance

The fire!

Commotion everywhere

She ran

She got to a distance

Looked back,

Fire everywhere

She fainted

She was taken to the hospital

He was called

He ran into the burns unit

Saw his wife

Life hanging by a thread

Body covered with burns

He prayed

He cried

She came to life

They talked

"You gave me a future, rescued me from destruction, It is my turn to do the same"

"No baby, Jesus gave you life

Jesus gave you a brand new destiny, you are the crowning glory of my sojourn on earth. I love you"

She slept


Doctors rushed in, did all they could,

She was gone

Riding into glory, upon the gale of the wind

He sat there, Shell Shocked


The end


Dedicated to a dear friend and Sister and all the victims of the Otedola Bridge Disaster.