The Car Crash

The Car Crash

The Car Crash

He swerved the car in speed

Maneuvering from the back

Of a truck

To the front of another truck

On the next lane

The steering failed

To adhere to his command

He turned the steering

But it kept going the other way

The speed didn't increase

But it also didn't slow down

The car became unstoppable

He stepped on the brake suddenly

The car flew

It tumbled twice

The feeling was strange

She felt a big balloon

Wrap around her

It wasn't the air bag

The car doesn't have one

Seat belts strapped down

The couple in the front seats

The two little boys

At the back

Hid under the seats

The young man

That begged for ride

Was fast asleep

At the end of the second tumble

The car hit the wall

It landed on it roof

Everything stopped

There was complete silence

Each one thinks

He is the only one alive

It was a fatal accident

That changed her life forever


The Survivors


She wriggled out

Through the broken window

Stood up and saw the situation

Her hands went up

On her head

She screamed!

Thinking she was the only survivor

Then she saw the dripping blood

From the back

It was the young man

His head was broken

The blood was from his skull

The little boys started crying


She pulled them out

Through the window

The bleeding young man

Was also out, holding his skull

Few people had gathered

To help

She pointed to the remains

Of the car

"My husband is still inside"

They tried to pull him

Through the window

Like the rest of them had done

He could not move

Suddenly he became heavy

His limbs and spine

Had become lifeless

Only his head was alive

"Help me! Help me!"

Was all he could muttered

To help him out

The car was over turned

Back on its tyres

Oh my!

That was a sight to behold

With her husband

Still in the car

A commercial bus

Had parked to help them

He was carried to the bus

The bleeding man

The little boys

And the woman

All got to the hospital

With the help of the bus


The Passing


After three weeks

At the hospital

He demanded to go home

There was no improvement

He was paralyzed

EVERYTHING had to be done

For him

He was home for only a week

And he went into a comma

He was taken back

To the hospital

He came out of the comma

After three days

He was not normal again

His sight and speech

Had gone

He struggled to speak

But he couldn't

She saw the tears

Flow freely from his eyes

He went back

Into unconsciousness

Death took him quietly

Making his boys fatherless

And his woman a widow

Iku bolaje (Death stung harshly)

Things had never been same

Since he passed on


Abike, 2017

Iyabode Abike