The Confession

The Confession

How can an adult be growing wisdom tooth at 38?

He had been feeling the gnawing pain in his gums and jaw for several days

Eventually he decided he must visit his dentist

He had a good health coverage plan due to his job as a database manager

He met with his dentist the next day

He was asked the usual routine questions

His dentist checked his mouth, over and over again

He wondered what the fuss was

All the man needed to do was prescribe a pain reliever to numb the pain and nature will take care of the rest within the next few days

He was very wrong

His dentist ordered an x-ray and then a scan

He had planned to spend at most an hour in the hospital. He was still there that evening, wondering what the problem was

Eventually the test results came in, he was immediately referred to the oncology department.

He became worried

His GP and some other doctors were waiting for him

He wondered why so many grey headed specialists were gathered over a toothache

He was given the news

He really didn't have a toothache

He had Glioblastoma multiforme

A form of cancer

It was already as big as a gulf ball


He couldn't sleep throughout that night

He had practically been informed he would die without a surgery, and the surgery had to be done as soon as possible

The problem was, he recently relocated to the UK and his healthcare package does not cover such an expensive surgery

What was he to do?

He called his twin brother, "See my life outside"

His twin brother was in Nigeria, a banker

"I will not let you die bro, you hear me! You must live. You will live!"

His brother and family members rallied round. They raised the money for the surgery!

He went back to the hospital. His brother also flew into the UK. The doctors examined him for a week.

They told him how sorry they were but the cancer had spread everywhere and has gone beyond treatment stage

They told him he had at most six months to live


His brother kept telling him the doctors were lying, don't lose hope, be courageous

By this time his jaws had swelled up and one side of his face was already swollen.

They decided to seek a second opinion in India but first they had to return to their country immediately

They returned home

Their mother ran from pillar to post

She had only one set of twins and the life of one of them was about to be cut short

The doctors they met at home kept telling them it was too late. Even if they travel to Mars, aliens couldn't save him!

He was a living corpse

Within a month he had become frail. He couldn't eat anything and his face kept swelling up

His left eye had almost been popped out of its socket

He was a gory sorry sight

His mother gave up

His brother gave up

Everything had failed

Death now would be a relief of sorts

Then he asked his mother, bring me a Reverend Father, I need to make my confessions

They were social Christians, they really do not attend church or believe in God that way

His mother didn't even have any Reverend Father's contact

She called a friend, explained her predicament

Her friend sent her a phone number

She called

She explained the situation

Her son was dying

He needed to make his confessions

He will die at any moment

Can the person she was talking to please hurry down to their house?

It was his last wish

They want to fulfil it for him

The person went down to their house

He was not dressed as a Reverend Father

He was wearing Jeans and T-shirt

He was smiling sheepishly

They rushed him into the room

He saw the sick man

He listened to his confession

He laid hands on him

He rebuked the cancer

He left

The sick slept

The next morning

The sick woke up

He saw a pimple on the swollen side of his face

A pimple!

He lifted his frail fingers

Plucked the pimple

Pus started pouring out

First in bits and then like a gusher

Cotton wools were soaked out

Cups were filled

It took about four hours

The pour

The cancer dissolved

His teeth were strong

The pain in his gum was gone

His mother came into his room and found him cured

He ate

He recovered

His brother gave his life to Christ that day

There and then

He had vowed if God spared his brother he would become Born Again

Ps: They never met the young man who prayed for him again

The person who sent them his number denied sending it to them or even receiving their call


Both brothers are Ministers of the gospel today.