The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

We're talking about the Holy spirit. For a long time he was referred to as the third person of the Godhead, because he was the third of the number three of God's personlity to be unveiled in his ministry, but in reality he was the first. 


Gen 1:1.. Elohim is an emphatic/Majestic plural for Eloha (God). 

In certain languages, when the address an elder, They use the plural term instead of the singular.


But then, in Genesis 12:7, we see something interesting. 

The LORD ..the letters are capitalized. 

In the Hebrew Bible, the word for Lord is ADON, Meaning Master, owner, Magistrate, boss. But the plural form of ADON is ADONAI ( an emphatic plural).

It is sometimes renders in the English bible as Jehovah. 

YHWH in Hebrew. 

A name so high that Jews would rather use ADONAI in the place of it. 

Every time you see ADONAI, they are referring to the Almighty God. 

(See Gen 12:7 in CJB )


Genesis 15:2-6 CJB. 


Psalm 18:31-32 CJB. 

"Who is God, but ADONAI... "


There is no dispute as to ADONAI being the Lord God.


Remember, the Father never leaves his throne.

So who appeared to Abraham?

Sometimes God manifested as a man. 


Genesis 17:1-5 CJB

Its the spirit of God who was there that day talking to Abraham. 

It was ADONAI who made a covenant with Abraham.


Exodus 3:1- CJB

V2: The 'Angel of Adonai'.. He is not tallying about just any other angel. There have been other angels from the Lord sent...but, how do you know the difference? The way he communicates his message , the response of the receiver, and the way the angel speaks again helps you determine which Angel is which. 


The Angel of ADONAI appeared IN THE FIRE. 



So who is now being called God? The Angel of ADONAI.

V7: Adonai says the people are his people. 

V8: It was ADONAI that rescued the Israelites from Egypt. 


Mark 12: 28-31CJB

'Yeshua' is Jesus. 'Mitzvah' is Commandment.

V30: Jesus says ADONAI is God.

Jesus was saying here that this Lord that they were to love was the same God that appeared to Abraham and Moses. 


Philippians 2:9-11 CJB., KJV.

This is talking about Jesus. 

V11: Yeshua the Messiah is ADONAI!!!!!


This is Remarkable! What is he telling you?

He's not telling you that Jesus was promoted. 

That's not what he is saying. 

No! He has a name, a title. That is JESUS! There is authority in the name of Jesus. 

But aside the authority in that name he is letting you know who this Jesus is. 

So the name of a man on earth is now given to God.

He was not the only one called Jesus in his day. 

'Jesus' is the English version of the Hebrew. 

Joshua is also the Hebrew rendering. 


But he is letting you know who Jesus is. He is the word of God. 

This is powerful!


Just in case you still have a little doubt, let me give you another scripture 

Titus 2: 13 KJV

"The Great God and Our Saviour Jesus Christ".

He uses th


e definite article 'THE'. 


NO WONDER the bible says in him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily. If you want to see the body of God, it's in Jesus. 

Colossians 1:19. 2:9.

Fullness means PLEROMA which means everything with the exception of none. .everything to the fullest measure. Fullness; Completeness. 


Everything that is consistent with the God completeness is in Jesus. There is nothing that is in the deity that is not in Jesus. Jesus is the totality of divinity. 


Hebrews 1:1-

He is the outshining of Gods Glory. 

He upholds all things by the RHEMA of his power. 

Its with Jesus words that all things are held in place

The word of God that made the world was the same word that became flesh. 

He was a body because his mother gave him that but, it was formed by the word not the seed of man. 


Then the Holy Ghost is the spirit of ADONAI. 


2 Corinthians 3:18. KJV

'Even as by the spirit of the Lord'..


Let's read it from the Revised Version.

'Even as from the Lord the Spirit'

If you understand the scriptures, you will know this translation makes spiritual sense. 

See the CJB version.

'By ADONAI the spirit.'


If this is so, what might this mean?


If you are feeding yourself with information from Newspapers, your prayer will be very weak. 


2 Cor 3:18

You are seeing the glory of God in a mirror.

What did you see when you looked in a mirror? You must have seen your own reflection.

God is saying, there is another kind of mirror, the word of God. If you look into it, you will see the glory of God. 

That reflection that you see is the glory of God; that means you are the Glory of God. 


Many Christians have not been taught this. They don't have it in their daily consciousness.

You should have the presence of mind that you are the glory if God. It will change your language and everything about you. 


When I found this scripture, as a student, i was saying this for several days. 

One day while praying ,I said 'Christ lives in me' and I was levitated 1 foot in the air. 

I'm talking about contemplating the word. 


Another revelation was 'The Lord my righteousness'. I mediated on it and one day while praying I said those words and I passed out and came to after 2 hours in the bush. 


2 Cor 3:1-3

What is he referring to here?

V3- written not with ink... Not in tables of stone but fleshly tables of the heart


Deuteronomy 9:10. 

The finger of God is a terminology of the power of God or the spirit of God. E.g. when the plague of lice hit Egypt and the people were distraught, the leaders met Moses and said 'we think this is the finger of God'. 


(Luke 11:14-

A dumb spirit will make someone dumb. 

There is no difference between 'devils' and 'demons', its just the KJV translation. 

V20- The finger of God was mentioned here too as a term for the power of God or the spirit of God.)


(Deuteronomy 9:10-

God did not just give them commandments, he followed up by putting them in writing. 

After Moses broke the first one, God told him to carve another one. Then God wrote them again.)


Back to 2 Cor 3:3...

V5- Our competence is of God. I don't depend on my human competence but the divine competence that is within. I rely on a power that is beyond myself. 

Our ability is of God. 


V6- when God wrote on those tables of stone, he wrote letters on both sides. Now he has made us able ministers. 

God by the spirit wrote on the tables... And there was a ministration. Meaning, every time that you read from those stones, something was delivered/passed to you. 

The old testament was delivered to Moses. 

There is a new testament delivered to us. We have been made able by God to minster. 

We are not ministering letters but the spirit.


V7- how could it be a ministration of death? This is one of the most touching areas of the Bible. Did Moses know he was carrying a ministration of Death?

Paul was speaking by the spirit of God. 

When God was writing, Moses was there 40 days and nights. The glory of God came on Moses. His face was glowing. The children of Israel could not look at his face. They ran away from him

So he had to put on a veil to cover his face. It was so glorious..... Even though that was a ministration of death. 


V8-9. He also called it the ministration of condemnation... But he called the Ministration of the Spirit a ministration of righteousness.


(Romans 7: 10- 13The commandment given to Moses was for life, but as a Jew, Paul was saying he found that commandment to be unto death. 

Sin must be shown to be what it is. When you turn on the light, you see. The human person couldn't take the commandment of God. Man at his best was a sinner. The commandment was holy, just and good...but received by a sinner

.. It was like the Manna that was left overnight and became rotten. It became rotten because of sin. People kept it because of their selfishness and greed. Sin always reveals evil. Something that was good becomes bad. Its like Money. It amplifies your character. Money is the power that amplifies your character. 

Sinful men cannot keep the commandment of God. 

It doesn't matter that you try. You won't make it. 

God has changed it. That's why he sent Jesus on our behalf. )


Back to...2 Cor 3:8-9


This is the ministration of death. They received the law and it worked condemnation in them. And when things should have been okay, frustration set in.


Romans 8:1

If you have received salvation in Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation/judgement for you.


V2: Have you received this spirit of God? The Holy spirit , ADONAI, God... Do you have him in your life?

When you are born again, you live by the law of life. 

I'm in Christ Jesus, I live now by the law of life which is brought about by the Spirit of life. 

That law has made me free from the law of Sin. That means I DON'T HAVE TO SIN. 


Romans 7:22

In other words, my body is conditioned by the law of sin. No matter how I try in my mind and say I will not do it again, i do it again. I'm born with it. Its in my system... That's what Paul was explaining. 

V24: He is experiencing a spiritual death. Encased in a spiritual death. Who shall deliver him?



Romans 7:7-8

There is difference between something being absent and something being dead. 

V9- what was ordained to life, instead of giving life, brought death. 


Galatians 3:21; 


Romans 8:2-3

God sent his son in the likeness of a man to judge sin in the flesh. 

V4: God sent Jesus to fulfil the law. 


When Moses came down from the mountain. He saw the Israelites worshipping the Golden calf... He destroyed it. 

He later says 'I took your sin and destroyed it'. 

Same way, Jesus was made sin for us who knew no sin. Your sin was hanging on the cross.

John said 'Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world'. 

We are in a day where all God wants to do is bless us. He wants us to serve him and serve him well.