The Power of Thoughts

The Power of Thoughts

Thoughts are pictures of the mind that have both constructive and destructive possibilities and have power over the emotions.
They are more than imaginations because imaginations are pictures that come to you while thoughts are mostly crested by you.They are deliberate, and may hold their owners in bondage or liberty.
They are very important because they hold the key to how much illumination their owner can walk in. Until you change a man's thinking, you cannot change his state and his estate.

The quickest way to affect thought is through sight. What a man sees has a very strong impact and influence on how he or she thinks and what he or she will become.

The picture a man sets before him enables him or her to go through the process necessary to become what he or she sees in that picture. A man or woman may see a picture of himself or herself swimming in money.

He or she may decide to follow the right process to achieve that process or take the wrong process to achieve that process.

A creative thinker is a blessing to everyone affected by the materialization of his thoughts while a destructive thinker is a curse to everyone affected by the materialization of his thoughts.

A creative thinker will think of an idea, bring out the substance to actualize it from within and all those who are a part of the process of its production and the end users will be transformed by coming in contact with what was created out of this person's thoughts.

A destructive thinker will think of an idea and all those his or her thoughts affects or who happen to be a part of the process of its actualization will be less of themselves or accursed or in tears by coming in contact with the process of actualizing his thought.

GSW is a blessing. He had the idea to share with the world the wonders of the power of the Holy Spirit and the reality of Christ in the world today. As a result of this thought, he started a blog,, he writes threads on Gbenga Wemimo - Gbenga Wemimo StoriesCreatively written non-fiction stories by Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo

He also writes on twitter and shares his faith with a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Those who read the threads and blogs share testimonies and recommend its content to others. It led to a fellowship. It led to a school of the supernatural. It led many to start their own ministries. It created a source of income for website developers, app developers, editors, photographers, cameramen, caterers, drivers, etcetera.

Later it led to purchase of buses, building of churches, hostels, crusades, ministrations all over the world etcetera.

Testimonies abound daily and lives are still being transformed every day.

It led to online fellowships, schools’ support, evangelism and discipleship classes holding daily. It led to sponsorship of missionaries, scholarships, provisions for widows, founding of orphanages, hospital and prison ministries etcetera.

That's what a creative thought does. It flows like a river and everywhere it touches it blesses all.

A destructive thought would think of making money, then he or she will start a Ponzi scheme or a fraudulent investment scheme to defraud others.

From the moment that idea is conceived, all those who buy into it will suffer losses in cash, in health, find themselves in jail, in debt, having suicidal thoughts or actually doing so, their eyes will be full of tears, their mouth full of curses, their lives in shambles, their heart full of sorrow just because they came in contact with the actualized thoughts of a wicked person who disguised an evil intention under a good outlook.

Your thoughts play a vital role in the reality you walk in and the lives of all who come in contact with it. 
Always Remember this!