On the morning of Saturday, 29th May, 2020
just before I went to the meeting point, 
for the GSWMI Hangout at Sheraton Hotel
The Holy Spirit said to me. “There is no 
problem that will be brought to you
today that will not be solved” 
I said “Amen!” 
The Holy Spirit said “Say it” 
"Say it out loud" so I began to say it 
over and over again as I dressed up 
and prepared for the programme. 
The first guy arrived at 8:25am 
He sent me a message and I had to 
tell him that he came in too early. 
(The programme was supposed to
start by 10am)
He said he would wait. 
Then another guy arrived at 8:30am. 
I was about to tell him he also came
too early when the Holy Spirit said 
“See this brother immediately”.
 I quickly dressed up and called him 
to meet me at the restaurant. 
I met him at 8:32am and he told me 
about a financial case. 
He said he and some friends ventured 
into the crude oil business. 
They all borrowed 20M each to finance 
the deal. 
He had some money, so he borrowed 12M. 
He added his own cash to it and they all 
went for the business. But the deal was a 
fraud and they were all duped. 
That was the gist. 
As soon as he finished speaking, I started 
saying out loud unconsciously “There is 
no problem that is brought before the 
Holy Spirit today that will not be solved” 
I said it over and over again and while 
he said “Amen”. 
I really didn’t know what counsel to 
give him at that moment.
It was a tough case and I don't like 
praying for people just to get them 
off my case
He said he usually sneaks into Lagos to 
see his wife every few weeks and would 
have left Abuja for Lagos on Friday but 
decided he had to see me. 
I said fine. 
"Go to Lagos and see your wife, a miracle 
will be waiting for you in Lagos.
He said Amen and left. 
I had my breakfast and went back to the 
room to prepare for the hangout.
The hangout was a success
There was no case that was brought
forth that was not solved
I got back to home on Sunday by noon
I received the following message:
Brother Gbenga, I got this message 
this morning sir
I don’t understand it. 
Then I got a call, early this morning from 
the creditors that have been harassing 
me for several months that they have 
received the funds with full interest and 
that my debt has been totally cleared. 
Brother Gbenga, how do I repay you? 
How can you give out such an amount 
to someone you don’t even know? 
Who does that? 
How can this be?
I am sorry but I don’t know if it is legal 
to share all the details of the bank and all
But I must share what matters the most 
The six of us that took loans for the oil 
business and ended up ruined by it have 
been charged to court
My friends were bailed after three days
I ran from Lagos to Niger state when I 
was told a warrant was out for my arrest
I come to Abuja to do some work with
an animal feed production company
I had to assume a false identity to do the
job and it is well beneath my capacity
I have not been able to go home or 
anywhere near my wife and children for 
fear of being arrested and detained
The special anti-fraud unit had spies 
looking for me everywhere
I ran to you in Abuja yesterday out of 
I needed a miracle so that I can return 
to my normal life
Here I am, standing in a police station, 
signing documents with the other credit 
officers of the bank on a Sunday 
afternoon, stating that I have paid my 
debts in full
I mean...
Sir, they said I have paid the full 15 
million Naira
And I have signed
I came to Lagos immediately after our 
meeting yesterday just as you said
You said I should go to Lagos after the 
prayers and I will see the Shekinah at work
I came to Lagos at about 1 pm
I couldn’t go home
Sir, I was afraid.
I went to my friend’s house and called 
my wife to come and see me there
This will be my third trip to Lagos like 
a thief
Just to be with my wife
I usually travel on Friday, my wife will 
'dress like she was going to church for 
She will meet me at my friends house
We will talk and she will return home 
on Saturday
My wife has been arrested and questioned 
and harassed severally too but she kept 
saying she didn’t know where I was and 
her older brother who is a lawyer was 
always on hand to help
I didn’t travel on Friday because you said 
you were coming to Abuja
I knew if I could see you, this case would
 be terminated
When i saw my wife yesterday evening
when i got to Lagos
I asked her if she had heard anything
or if we had gotten help from anyone
she said "No, there was no miracle!"
I felt something must give eventually
But I don’t know where from
I didn’t go to church sir
I got a call at 7 am this morning from 
a lady
She said she wanted to confirm my 
name and address
I knew she was from them so I 
dropped the call
Then I got the text
I read and read it
Then she called again
She said she needed to clear her logs 
and I needed to give information
She said she was told I had cleared 
my debt by their manager
I cut the call
After a few minutes I called their manager
He said he received the money and
 everything was fine
Total debt and interest paid
He said I should come and meet him at 
the police station where the case was 
They are withdrawing the case
I came sir and it has been done
I am free
He said the court was on strike or 
something and so the case was not
 tried yet
I didn’t get what he was saying but 
I believe he meant I don’t have any 
case with the court too
Brother Gbenga, how can I repay you?
How did you know their account number?
How sir, How?
I am grateful sir
I have so many questions
May God bless you abundantly
May I be able to repay you one day (very soon)
I am free
I am screaming
Thank you sir
I am crying and saying thank you sir
(He included the bank alert text in the
I kept reading the message over
and over again
I sent him a voice note
He replied
I sent him another
He replied
He was asking how
I was asking how
He was convinced i paid the money
to his creditors but I did not

PS: I had to send him voice messages 
to convince him that I didn’t send any 
cash and that he doesn’t owe me a dime
I asked him if he gave me anybody’s 
account number
He said No
Then I asked him how i could have credited
the account of the bank he was owing
He was as stupefied as I was
The text message he received from
the bank indicated that his loan had
been repaid by one
Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo.
He was convinced I was the one
It was flattering to say the least but
I didn't pay anybody a dime
So what happened?
Angels went to work as soon as we
prayed and not only did they move
money, they moved men too so that
this young man was out of debt
within 24 hours
Thus proving that the Holy Spirit
indeed does not allow our words to
fall to the ground.
Praise the Lord

Testimony 2 on Supernatural Debt 

Good evening sir,

The supernatural debt cancellation story 
you shared with us is an awesome 
testimony that  I can relate with it 

I am sure my own story will encourage 
someone to keep trusting the Lord to 
meet his or her need. 

 -  This is a summary of how the Lord 
supernaturally paid off all my debts 
in 2016 

 I was in a lot of debt throughout my 
stay in the UK , despite my earnings 
from my job, even unable to make 
ends meet. 

Early 2016, a few before my relocation 
from England to my current base, early 
that Wednesday morning, I gave out 
willingly virtually all the items in my 2 
bed house  to a pastor who had been 
abandoned by the ministry he was 
working with at that time.

I left my office that Wednesday 
afternoon, and got an alert from my
I discovered that i suddenly had so much 
money in my account supernaturally
That day and I walked into one of my 
banks and a loan of 4,400 pounds was 
cleared and by 8 am the next morning
' I was in my second bank to clear an 
overdraft of 5,000 pounds. 
I still had some money left in my account 
afterward which i traveled with to my 
new base
Prior this day, I had worked tirelessly even 
doing two jobs and unable to make ends 
meet nor able pay off all of my debts 
and large credit card bills. 
And the rest of the credit cards were
cleared by Sept of 2016
I was teaching Sunday school and as I 
got to church that Sunday morning 
when I had a gentle instruction from the
Holy Spirit to speak to someone at the 
end of the service.
 I did 
To my amazement, 30,000 dollars was 
released for me and my credit card debt 
in England was cleared by end of 
September 2016.

By the grace of God, I have been debt 
free since then. 


PS: This was sent in by a brother whose
walk with the Holy Spirit has been 
consistent and exemplary
God is indeed our Jehovah Jireh