The Spoiler

The Spoiler

He boarded a bus

Sat in front right next to the driver

He was quite moody

He had to abandon his car on the road

The car was okay when he left home

He made sure he checked everything

Halfway through his journey, the car sputtered and stopped

Just like that

And now he is on a bus

She liked him

As soon as he boarded she noticed his air

It was quite pleasant

It turned her on

But he barely even noticed her

He jumped in, sat down and simply dived into himself

He didn't even say hello

She bit her lips, held back her tongue

'She wanted so much to talk to him'

He waited until his bus stop was called

He brought out his transport fare

Instinctively, she smiled and touched his hand

'Can I pay your fare?' She asked

He looked at her, saw her

'I would rather pay yours' he responded

She liked his composure: How about I pay, you buy me lunch

He: I am on my way to a business meeting

She: I am on my way home but I can spare the time

She paid and they alighted together

He didn't know what to make of her

Daring? Forward?

They talked

She introduced herself as his secretary when they got to his destination

She waited

He had his meeting

Took her to lunch

They talked some more

She was witty, warm, intelligent, brilliant

He was dazed

How could a day that started off so poorly turn out this good?

He told her about his car and his past

She called her mechanic

They fixed his car

He took her home

The next day, he was back

Within a month, they were inside each other

She breathe his air, he thinks her thoughts

One day, they went for a picnic, spent all day together

He got a call from his neighbour

Somebody is here looking for you

He rushed home

It was his ex


What are you doing here?

I miss you, I had thought about my action and I know now i was wrong, please forgive me

He: Okay I forgive you, let me see you off, its getting late

She: Where would i be going? I dont know anybody here but you, I came from so far just for you

He: Ha! See, you could have called me to say you were sorry. You cannot just show up. I have a relationship now and I cannot risk it. I will take you to a guest house where you will spend the night and I will also give you some money to cover your transport fare. Let us go

She: No way. I am not leaving this house to go and stay in one hotel where I dont know anybody. How can you be that mean to me. So because you have a new babe, I can be thrown to the wolves just like that? You have sisters too, would you want any man to treat them like this?

He is not a stranger to her wiles.

He took his shirt and left, lodged into a hotel for the night

The next morning by dawn, he was at his house to see her off

She refused to open the door

He knocked and knocked

Three hours, he sat outside

His babe arrived

She: Hi

The door opened

His Ex charged out of house

They were both caught unawares

His Ex head-butted his babe, dragged her hair, tore her clothes

'Husband snatcher', 'Prostitute'

Before he could recover, the damage was done

His babe was bleeding, crying, dumbfounded

His Ex was panting

He was lost


She barely covered her pride as she left his house

He walked with her

Tried very hard to explain

She was just not in the mood

As she drove off

He returned to his house

His Ex left without a word

He sat there, thinking, crying

Just then she returned, his babe with police officers


She came to arrest his 'wife' for battery

But his Ex had left

He followed the officers to the police station

Explained everything he knew with evidence

He was never married

They met during NYSC

She came unannounced

He was cleared

She believed him

Two years later

She married him