Putting God first

Yesterday morning, as I was leaving my apartment for the meeting at Bradford,

I noticed something strange just ahead of me. A man lying down on the floor,

looking lifeless. I was a bit late

for my meeting. I had to take two

trains to my destination and timing is everything here in the UK.

I was about to “mind my business”

and press the elevator button when

I heard the Holy Spirit say to me


I turned around and walked to him.

He was drunk and unconscious.                                     

I turned him around and carried him

into his room. He woke up, saying gibberish. I laid my hand on him

and commanded the power of the alcohol to dissipate. After about five minutes

of my hand resting on his head,

he opened his eyes, I smiled and said “Bro, you need to take a shower and change your clothes. He nodded,

got up, and started taking off his

clothes. I averted my gaze until

I heard the shower running.

He came out a few minutes later,

dressed in another set of clothes

He said “Hiyah, thanks”


I smiled and said “What’s your name!”

He said “Ralph”

I said, “Do you desire to stop drinking?”

He said It's my genes, it’s where I came from”

I smiled.

I said “I used to think that some

years ago but not anymore!

I changed my genes in 2007”

He smiled and said, “How?”

I waved him over to me.

He sat on the bed close to me.

I was on the couch.

I held his two hands and said

“Just say this after me, “Lord Jesus,

I thank you because you are my eternal helper. You died that I might

live a life of victory over all things.

I accept you as my Lord and savior.

I subject my body to you now, I ask that you change my genes and wipe the memories responsible for my dangerous habits and unhealthy behavior.

I receive the Holy Spirit as my teacher, guide, leader and mentor. I declare that you are my father and you live and lead me from today. Thank you Jesus”

He repeated every word and then he began to cry and pray in the Holy Ghost

I joined him.

We prayed for about 20 minutes

and then I took my leave

I missed the train and got to my destination almost an hour late.

We had the hangout at Bradford

It was a success.

When I got back to my apartment building at 7 pm I was already late for our online meeting “Night of Glory”

As soon as I got out of the elevator

I heard “Hi”

I turned around and it was Ralph,

his wife and his younger brother

The wife said “Hi, I’m Cindy or Sandy

(they speak so fast here) and the brother said “I am Chad”

They said they had never seen their brother so happy and zestful

They asked where I am from.

I told them I am from Nigeria.

They asked if I am a pastor.

I said no, I am a Christian.

I sat with them and shared the

gospel with them. They both

gave their lives to Christ and received

the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

It took thirty minutes.

I joined the service late but I was

too excited to feel bad!


I am sharing this to encourage

believers all over the world.

The human condition is the same throughout the world and you have

a duty to put Christ before any activity

or commitment. Ralph, Cindy and Chad told me so much about their past and hopeless realities.

Thank You,Jesus.