She took time to observe the guy

He was young, intelligent, spiritual, dedicated and committed

The type of man any woman would want for a son-in-law

He was also a bit independent

He was not the type of guy whose mother’s shadows hovered above his rising sun

He was very much his own man

What he didn’t have was a good job

She decided he would be a good fit for one of her daughters

She had three daughters who had been overripe for marriage

They had prayed and fasted without getting a spouse

It was time for her to aggressively pursue the fulfilment of the marital destiny of her daughters

That evening, another dude came to her house

While she was preaching in church that morning, she had announced that a younger friend of hers based abroad was single and praying for a husband

The dude came to make enquiries about her announcement

She was equally impressed with the dude but he was a bit too young to meet the criteria of the lady she spoke about

So he told him about her first daughter

She said her daughter was such and such years old, living alone abroad with a good job

Her daughter was too busy to have a social life and she had obtained her daughter’s permission to speak to any prospective dude who might be interested in marrying her. The arrangement would be swift if she can get his consent immediately

The dude was very interested

The next day, the dude came to her office to get the full details of her daughter.

She gave him and also suggested that the dude should resign his job and work with her so that she can observe him for a while. She wanted to be sure her daughter was getting hooked up with someone who was sound in character

The dude complied.

She thanked God for answered prayers

All that was left was to connect the dude and her daughter

She turned her attention to the guy

The next Sunday in church she offered the guy a job and asked him to resume immediately.

The job was offered to help the two of them. She wouldn’t dare tell her daughter he was jobless. That would be a very hard sell and she was sure he wouldn’t consider her proposal while he was yet seeking a job.

She needed to get her second daughter a husband too, probably do a double wedding!

That evening as they closed from the office, she offered guy a ride home

As they journeyed to his house, she started asking him some personal questions

She: Are you seeing anybody at the moment?

Dude: No ma

She: As I was praying recently I saw you and a young lady getting married, the young lady is my daughter based abroad. I will like you to pray about this vision and see if God will confirm it to you.

She dropped the guy at home and gave him a cheque of 25,000.

She said it was a gift

The dude fell for it immediately

It was an opportunity of a lifetime

He would get to travel abroad and marry a foreign citizen.

His future parents in law are very rich Christians, in fact the woman who pitched the idea to her was a pastor. What other confirmation did he need that it is from God!

He knelt down to pray, giving glory to God for taking him to the next level

The next day she introduced the dude and the guy to each other. They would be brothers-in law soon and should share experiences to help each other prepare for the glorious future ahead

The guy slept that night and woke up feeling very uneasy

He called his mother

“I woke up feeling very uneasy ma, this was the events that have unfolded in the last one week!”

His mother listened and told him she would get back to him

Within five minutes she called him and shouted, ‘My son, this is a time and destiny wasting venture please run from it”

He heard his mother clearly

When he got to the office, he boldly walked up to the woman and told her he was not interested in the proposal

The woman went gaga

She: I don’t understand why you would turn down such a great offer

Guy: Ma, I am sorry, I just feel very heavy in my spirit. I cannot take the offer

The next day she sacked the guy

She said since their spirit is not one, he should look for his employment elsewhere

The guy left

He kept in touch with the dude who agreed to do the deal

Few months later Guy got another job

One year later, Guy got married

Five years later, guy moved into his own house

The dude was still working with the woman, hoping to marry her daughter.\

Her daughters didn’t come home as planned, neither did she facilitate his travel abroad

Seven years later, the dude got impatient and complained.

She sacked dude and called him a gold digger!

The dude was thrown out of the official quarters overnight.

He had nowhere to stay

He called Guy

When Dude arrived at Guy’s house, dude started crying

All the while he was waiting for the woman to make good on her promise, the guy had made good on his own future through divine direction

The dude prayed with him, that God would have mercy and restore him

God heard

A few months later, the dude got a job.

Two years later, the dude got married