While It Is Day

While It Is Day

Martin: (Walks up to me staggering, I thought he was drunk but later noticed one of his legs was not good)

Hi, do you know any homeless shelter around here

Me: No, I just came into town today

Martin: Are you homeless

Me: No, I am staying at this hotel

Martin: I cant stay and talk, the hotel security will think I came to harass you as you are a guest

Me: Sit, Martin, I am the homeless shelter around here

Martin: What? I don’t understand

Me: Sit Martin, nobody can harass you here

Martin: (sits)

Me: I am Gbenga from Zion

Martin: Oh, I am Martin from Nottingham

Me: Can I touch your leg

Martin: Yes, you can. People do so for fun, but they pay me. I had an accident and I have had 16 surgeries on the leg

Me: (Touches leg)

Martins: Eeeiiiiii, Eeeeeeiiii, mate, what are you doing to me

Me: I am healing you

Martin: (Silent)

Me: Try and walk now

Martin struggles to stand and then he takes a step and leg is healed

Martin: ahhhhhh!

Me: laughing

Martin: Sam how did you do that

Me: I prayed

Martin: You a Christian?

Me: For sure

Martin: I am a Christian too but I stopped believing in that shit

Me: What did you say to me?

Martin: Sorry man of God! Drops the cigarette he was smoking. I feel so happy but I am ashamed. Are you a Man of God?

Me: Christ is at work in me always

Martins: Eeeeeiii (Falls down)

Me: Wahala, make police no come o

Martin stands and begins to run around

Martin: I don’t feel any pain again

Me: Gives Martin 20 pounds (Go and find somewhere to sleep and eat a good meal in the morning)

Martins: I appreciate (Leaves)

I leave for my room.